Let’s not talk about the butterflies
Or the lightning speed of my heart
We’ll watch the night turn into day
And welcome a fresh start

Let’s not talk about feelings or love
And the spark that’s in my eyes
For now just let me deny it all
And fill my head with lies

Let’s not talk about what I want
Or what I wish you’d say
For now let’s stay the way we are
And save it for another day

Let’s not talk about what might be
And why it can’t be real
Let’s not talk about the butterflies-
That I know you don’t feel.

Something Blue

Get me red roses
On my wedding day
And litter their petals-
I used to say

A garden outside
A scenic view
A clear cloudless sky-
For my something blue

A cello quartet
Playing The Prelude
An esteemed pianist
Presenting an ├ętude

A pearly white veil
Sweeping the floor
Like waves out at sea
Draping the shore

But now as I stood
In my living room
With a ring on my finger
And my eyes on the groom

There was no lovelier rose
Than the one in my heart
That bloomed every night
For my counterpart

Our little balcony
Had the greatest view
Overlooking the city
Where I grew

As the radio blared
We danced through the night
And nothing had ever
Felt so right

I didn’t need something borrowed
Or something blue
As long as I knew
My groom was you.


We’re all actors, merely playing the part that our scripts anchor us to.

We read out our lines as if they are our own creations.

We smile for the audience as if we are truly happy to be where we are.

We’re all actors, merely lying to make the ones we love feel safe and sound.

We execute the roles we’ve been given with ultimate precision.

We perform how we are told in order to put on a good show.

We’re all actors, merely led around by strings.

We walk on eggshells in fear of breaking the third wall.

And although we think we’re getting a happy ending, we know that every show ends with the fall of the curtains and the




Fit In

I can’t seem to fit into boxes,
I am made of perfect paradoxes
A little bit of spice
A dash of white lies
Perfectly disguised.

I can’t seem to fit all the labels,
I am just perfectly unstable
Words can’t define
The story that is mine
I’m the colour outside the lines~

But I just want to fit in.

I can’t seem to fit the status quo,
I don’t know where I am to go
Our world is black and white
A bunch of wrongs and rights
And that I want to fight.

I can’t seem to fit a single trait,
I’m just too hard to rate
It’s nice to be unique
To stay away from cliques
To be my own critique~

But I just want to fit in.

Her Love

She wished that she could give him all the stars in the galaxy, but she herself was only a speck of dust.

She wished that she could gift him a bouquet of the prettiest flowers in the world, but she herself was only a seed.

She wished that she could sing him every lullaby in the world, but she herself was only a beat.

She wished that she could paint him with every shade of happiness she could find, but she herself was composed of only blacks and greys.

She wished that she could buy him everything he desired, but she herself was only a single mother struggling to find her place in the world.

She wished that her love was enough.
What she didn’t know was that to her little boy, her love was all-encompassing and wondrous, like all the stars in the galaxy put together.

Her love lured him in and made him blossom, like every flower grazing the earth.

Her love whispered in his ears and gave him sweet dreams as he blissfully slept, like every lullaby in the world.

Her love painted him in every hue of happiness in existence.

Her love was enough for him.
Enough, and so much more.

Traffic Light

Listening to the radio,
In our worn out car
Hands intertwined,
Gazing at the stars
As the traffic lights changed,
We did too
They brought to life the story,
Of me and you.

We met at green,
Reckless and free
The world was our oyster,
For every lock we had the key
We sped through love,
We defeated time
But at the next signal,
We stopped for our crimes.

At red we fought,
Till our lungs wore out
Drenched were our eyes,
Poisoned were our shouts
We went too fast,
So we paid the price
To decide our fate,
We rolled the dice.

We slowed down for a while,
When the yellow colour flashed
We regretted all the strife,
We gained from when we dashed
We took one step at a time,
Slow and steady
To win the conquest of love,
We were ready.

When we made it to the next signal,
We were tired of the wait
We knew it was up to us,
And not up to fate
We wanted to drown in deep,
Over heels for one another
We didn’t care about the price,
We’d pay it together.

Listening to the radio,
In our worn out car
We stayed in the moment,
We didn’t think too far
When the lights changed,
We saw red
But sharing a smile,
We sped ahead.


You had stars in your pocket,
Moonlight in your hair
You held sunshine in your heart,
And comets in your stare.

You revolved around me,
Like the earth around the sun
You enveloped me in a universe,
Where I had nowhere to run.

You had a sky full of dreams,
The world inside your hands
The horizon was yours,
But I wanted to stay on land.

You had galaxies in your mind,
The stars were yours to trace
But that’s not what I meant,
When I said I needed space.

Empty Nest

On the highest branch of the highest tree,
Lived a mother bird and her family
She nurtured her babies, gave them a home,
She ensured they were loved and never alone.

She gave them wings; she was their mentor, their guide
She protected her babies- never left their side
At last came the day, when the mother bod goodbye;
It was time for her oldest to spread her wings and fly.

The mother buried her sorrows, having loads of work to do,
For in her loving nest, she still held another two
She visited her oldest from time to time each year,
With passing days her smiles grew wider, and gone were her tears.

She showed her middle child all the wonders of the world,
They flew together as the wind around them sang and swiveled and swirled
Before she knew it, at the blink of an eye,
It was time for her son to spread his wings and fly.

The mother cried a little, but couldn’t waste more time;
She knew it would be minutes before the final bell chimed
Her youngest baby girl, the last one she could spoil,
Was soon to blossom and bloom, away from her home soil.

She gave the third a piece of her heart, the last shred of her hope;
She feared how she would manage, she prayed that she could cope
When it was time to bid goodbye, she couldn’t help but cry,
Her last little warrior was to spread her wings and fly.

The mother felt lonely in her empty nest on the tree,
But after all those many years, she finally felt free
She lept on a current and let it take her where it blew,
She made the most of the peace without her merry little crew.

She took her time to relax, to catch up on some rest
She tried to make the most of her tranquil empty nest
She knew it wouldn’t be long before her babies came back home,
With joyous smiles and cheery eyes, they’d be carrying their very own.

Who, What, Wear

I decide what I wear, when I please
Dresses, shorts, or skirts with striped tees
No one can tell me there’s a certain way to be
In this form of expression, I choose to be free.

I’m not going to be conscious when walking down the streets
I will not lurk in the shadows or stare at my feet
In fear, I will not hide or retreat
In this war against society, I will compete.

I decide what to wear, when I please
Fishnet stockings, or dungarees
I will not be lulled, can’t you see?
In this form of expression, I choose to be free.

According to the occasion, I will make my choice
I will ignite a revolution, my flags I will hoist
When labels disappear, all will rejoice
To make that happen, I will raise my voice

I decide what to wear, when I please
High-heeled boots with a hooded fleece
The length of my attire is up to me
In this form of expression, I choose to be free.

Labels are put on clothes to show their price, but when they are put on the people who wear the clothes, they have no value.


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