I love you too

When you tell me that you love me,
I know I should say it too
But those three words are nothing,
Compared to what I feel for you
I iron it in the shirts I leave,
Outside the bathroom door
It trickles down the umbrella,
That I hold out as it pours
It’s mixed in with the soup,
I feed you when you’re ill
I pack it in the cheese sandwiches
That I know you like grilled
I pour it in the coffee,
I wake you up with every day
I hope that it makes up for,
All the words that I don’t say
When you tell me that you love me,
I know I should say it back
But instead I tell you that it’s cold outside
And hand you a scarf from the rack.

show me your world

Show me your world,
Let me be a part
Take off your mask,
Open the door to your heart

Unveil your identity,
Who you are inside
We’ll discover each other,
On this magic carpet ride

Show me your true colors,
All your hidden glories
Tell me how you feel,
Let me read your story

I don’t need three wishes,
As long as I have you by my side
So show me your world,
On this magic carpet ride.

Pandora’s Box

You unlocked the box,
Inside my mind
You unleashed the demons,
You weren’t to find.

You heard my secrets,
Explored the deep end
You witnessed an awakening,
You weren’t to attend.

You opened the doors,
You oozed it all out
Now you know what I-
Was talking about.

I warned you, Trespasser,
I told you not to come
What shall we do now?
What a tragic conundrum.

You opened Pandora’s box,
You set my devil free
You did what I told you not to-
Now you’re stuck with the real me.


I found my solace
My shelter, my escape
Under a giant willow tree
With its branches as my drapes

It loomed over me
And my ten-year-old frame
One day I hoped
I’d measure the very same

I climbed to the highest branch,
Enthralled by the view
I wondered what would change
If only I grew

I soared to the sky
On my grubby tire swing
I stood on my tippy-toes
Listening to the birds sing

Every evening before I left
I stood against the bark
I measured where I stood
And left behind my mark

Years flew by
My routine never changed
Horizontal lines
I patiently engraved

I wished I could grow older
And view the world from above
Never did I imagine-
It was only the dream that I’d love

Ten years down the line
My wish had come true
I’d grown older, taller, wiser-
Just as I’d wanted to

And where my weary willow tree
Had loomed over me-
There stood a sliced stump;
I was taller, finally.

Heroes and Villains

Why do stories have heroes and villains
When we’re all unmitigated cheats
We lie, we steal, and when the tables turn,
We’re merely switching seats.

Prometheus stole fire from the gods,
How different is he from a thief?
And yet we call him our high and mighty
Our holy saviour, our chief

We put the murderer behind bars
For sticking a dagger through a chest
Yet when the hero wins the battle,
We throw a lavish fest

We condemn the liar for his atrocious sins,
And for repudiating the truth
Yet lawyers spin lies like spiders with webs;
This we know in sooth

We lament the victim when the bully decides,
To commence his cruel games
And yet when the hero defeats the villain,
We celebrate him without shame

No one’s solely pure or evil;
That’s not how life unfolds
And whether we are heroes or villains-
Is how our stories are told.

I never wrote you a poem

I never wrote you a poem
Because words weren’t enough-
To describe what I’d felt;
To show you all my love;

I never wrote you a poem
Because I didn’t know what to say;
I’d never been in love before;
You’d brightened up my days;

I never wrote you a poem
Because I didn’t want to seem fake-
By dressing up feelings in metaphors;
I wanted to seem opaque;

I never wrote you a poem
Much to your dismay;
If I could write one for the others,
Why not you, you would say;

I never wrote you a poem
Not because I didn’t care;
But because I loved you so much,
That to undermine it I didn’t dare;

Now I’m writing you a poem
To show you how I feel;
And I know it’s much too late,
But my love for you is real.

the same, yet so different

We all have the same eyes to see
The same heart that beat
The same wounds that bleed
We all have the same tears to cry
But different reasons why.

We all have the same smiles to wear
The same losses to bear
The same band-aids to tear
We all have the same nights and days
But we spend them in different ways.

We all have the same ears to hear
The same monsters to fear
The same lives to steer
We all have the same words to speak
But each voice is so unique.

We all have the same mouths to feed
The same paths to lead
The same poetry to read
We all have the same eyes to see
But we see so differently.

Jack of All Trades

Jack of all trades,
Master of none
Participated in all,
But never won

Eager to mount,
Every new trail
Even if it meant,
Yet another fail

A player for all teams,
A loser for all too
But shows up to every game,
With a smile~ brand new

Jack of all trades,
Master of none
She never stops trying,
She never claims she’s done

An actor of all roles,
Even one line will do
Ready to place herself,
In anyone’s shoes

She works harder than anyone,
But all she does is pass
Despite the time she devotes,
She’s never top of her class

Jack of all trades,
Master of none
She may have many hobbies,
But giving up isn’t one.

Why Her?

I wish that with a clean sweep of my palm
Her tears would go away
I wish that with a gentle caress
She’d have a brighter day
I wish that with a warm embrace
A smile would reappear
I wish that I could bottle her pain
And stow away her fears
I wish that I could share her grief
The way we share our daily news
I wish I could turn my sympathy to empathy
And step into her shoes
I wish that just by being there
I was doing more than enough
I wish that I didn’t have to tell her
The extent of my love
I wish that with my hand in hers
She didn’t feel alone
I wish it wasn’t her in pain
I wish the tears were my own.


Let’s not talk about the butterflies
Or the lightning speed of my heart
We’ll watch the night turn into day
And welcome a fresh start

Let’s not talk about feelings or love
And the spark that’s in my eyes
For now just let me deny it all
And fill my head with lies

Let’s not talk about what I want
Or what I wish you’d say
For now let’s stay the way we are
And save it for another day

Let’s not talk about what might be
And why it can’t be real
Let’s not talk about the butterflies-
That I know you don’t feel.

Something Blue

Get me red roses
On my wedding day
And litter their petals-
I used to say

A garden outside
A scenic view
A clear cloudless sky-
For my something blue

A cello quartet
Playing The Prelude
An esteemed pianist
Presenting an étude

A pearly white veil
Sweeping the floor
Like waves out at sea
Draping the shore

But now as I stood
In my living room
With a ring on my finger
And my eyes on the groom

There was no lovelier rose
Than the one in my heart
That bloomed every night
For my counterpart

Our little balcony
Had the greatest view
Overlooking the city
Where I grew

As the radio blared
We danced through the night
And nothing had ever
Felt so right

I didn’t need something borrowed
Or something blue
As long as I knew
My groom was you.


We’re all actors, merely playing the part that our scripts anchor us to.

We read out our lines as if they are our own creations.

We smile for the audience as if we are truly happy to be where we are.

We’re all actors, merely lying to make the ones we love feel safe and sound.

We execute the roles we’ve been given with ultimate precision.

We perform how we are told in order to put on a good show.

We’re all actors, merely led around by strings.

We walk on eggshells in fear of breaking the third wall.

And although we think we’re getting a happy ending, we know that every show ends with the fall of the curtains and the




Fit In

I can’t seem to fit into boxes,
I am made of perfect paradoxes
A little bit of spice
A dash of white lies
Perfectly disguised.

I can’t seem to fit all the labels,
I am just perfectly unstable
Words can’t define
The story that is mine
I’m the colour outside the lines~

But I just want to fit in.

I can’t seem to fit the status quo,
I don’t know where I am to go
Our world is black and white
A bunch of wrongs and rights
And that I want to fight.

I can’t seem to fit a single trait,
I’m just too hard to rate
It’s nice to be unique
To stay away from cliques
To be my own critique~

But I just want to fit in.

Her Love

She wished that she could give him all the stars in the galaxy, but she herself was only a speck of dust.

She wished that she could gift him a bouquet of the prettiest flowers in the world, but she herself was only a seed.

She wished that she could sing him every lullaby in the world, but she herself was only a beat.

She wished that she could paint him with every shade of happiness she could find, but she herself was composed of only blacks and greys.

She wished that she could buy him everything he desired, but she herself was only a single mother struggling to find her place in the world.

She wished that her love was enough.
What she didn’t know was that to her little boy, her love was all-encompassing and wondrous, like all the stars in the galaxy put together.

Her love lured him in and made him blossom, like every flower grazing the earth.

Her love whispered in his ears and gave him sweet dreams as he blissfully slept, like every lullaby in the world.

Her love painted him in every hue of happiness in existence.

Her love was enough for him.
Enough, and so much more.

Traffic Light

Listening to the radio,
In our worn out car
Hands intertwined,
Gazing at the stars
As the traffic lights changed,
We did too
They brought to life the story,
Of me and you.

We met at green,
Reckless and free
The world was our oyster,
For every lock we had the key
We sped through love,
We defeated time
But at the next signal,
We stopped for our crimes.

At red we fought,
Till our lungs wore out
Drenched were our eyes,
Poisoned were our shouts
We went too fast,
So we paid the price
To decide our fate,
We rolled the dice.

We slowed down for a while,
When the yellow colour flashed
We regretted all the strife,
We gained from when we dashed
We took one step at a time,
Slow and steady
To win the conquest of love,
We were ready.

When we made it to the next signal,
We were tired of the wait
We knew it was up to us,
And not up to fate
We wanted to drown in deep,
Over heels for one another
We didn’t care about the price,
We’d pay it together.

Listening to the radio,
In our worn out car
We stayed in the moment,
We didn’t think too far
When the lights changed,
We saw red
But sharing a smile,
We sped ahead.


You had stars in your pocket,
Moonlight in your hair
You held sunshine in your heart,
And comets in your stare.

You revolved around me,
Like the earth around the sun
You enveloped me in a universe,
Where I had nowhere to run.

You had a sky full of dreams,
The world inside your hands
The horizon was yours,
But I wanted to stay on land.

You had galaxies in your mind,
The stars were yours to trace
But that’s not what I meant,
When I said I needed space.

Empty Nest

On the highest branch of the highest tree,
Lived a mother bird and her family
She nurtured her babies, gave them a home,
She ensured they were loved and never alone.

She gave them wings; she was their mentor, their guide
She protected her babies- never left their side
At last came the day, when the mother bod goodbye;
It was time for her oldest to spread her wings and fly.

The mother buried her sorrows, having loads of work to do,
For in her loving nest, she still held another two
She visited her oldest from time to time each year,
With passing days her smiles grew wider, and gone were her tears.

She showed her middle child all the wonders of the world,
They flew together as the wind around them sang and swiveled and swirled
Before she knew it, at the blink of an eye,
It was time for her son to spread his wings and fly.

The mother cried a little, but couldn’t waste more time;
She knew it would be minutes before the final bell chimed
Her youngest baby girl, the last one she could spoil,
Was soon to blossom and bloom, away from her home soil.

She gave the third a piece of her heart, the last shred of her hope;
She feared how she would manage, she prayed that she could cope
When it was time to bid goodbye, she couldn’t help but cry,
Her last little warrior was to spread her wings and fly.

The mother felt lonely in her empty nest on the tree,
But after all those many years, she finally felt free
She lept on a current and let it take her where it blew,
She made the most of the peace without her merry little crew.

She took her time to relax, to catch up on some rest
She tried to make the most of her tranquil empty nest
She knew it wouldn’t be long before her babies came back home,
With joyous smiles and cheery eyes, they’d be carrying their very own.

Who, What, Wear

I decide what I wear, when I please
Dresses, shorts, or skirts with striped tees
No one can tell me there’s a certain way to be
In this form of expression, I choose to be free.

I’m not going to be conscious when walking down the streets
I will not lurk in the shadows or stare at my feet
In fear, I will not hide or retreat
In this war against society, I will compete.

I decide what to wear, when I please
Fishnet stockings, or dungarees
I will not be lulled, can’t you see?
In this form of expression, I choose to be free.

According to the occasion, I will make my choice
I will ignite a revolution, my flags I will hoist
When labels disappear, all will rejoice
To make that happen, I will raise my voice

I decide what to wear, when I please
High-heeled boots with a hooded fleece
The length of my attire is up to me
In this form of expression, I choose to be free.

Labels are put on clothes to show their price, but when they are put on the people who wear the clothes, they have no value.


Counting Sheep

Lying on my bed, waiting for sleep,
Drifting on in silence, counting sheep.

One, two, three,
He doesn’t love me
I have to break free,
From this insanity.

Four, five, six,
I don’t care what he thinks
I’m suspended at the brink,
If I let go I’ll sink.

Seven, eight, nine,
He doesn’t have time
He couldn’t make it for me,
I don’t need him in my life.

Ten, eleven, twelve,
No more stories to tell
No more memories to make,
No more pictures on the shelves.

Drifting on in silence, counting sheep,
But the one thing I won’t get is a blissful sleep.


Holding onto every second,
As if I’m struggling for a breath.

Dreading the day the end will come,
As if I’m waiting for death.

Taking notice of every little thing,
As if I’m a detective looking for clues.

Smiling as much as possible now,
As of readying myself for the blues.

Storing away every memory,
As if I’m chaining you to my mind.

Cherishing every moment with you,
As if you were the best thing I could find.

Giving you little pieces of me,
As if I need balance, gram by gram.

Loving you like I’m going to lose you,
Because scared is what I am.

It’s not the future I’m scared of. It’s a repeat of the past.

Make My Day

If you say even a word,
A smile would graze my lips
Excitement travels down,
My toes to my fingertips.

Your presence colours my skies,
And brings radiance to my face
Every time you look at me,
My pain and sorrows erase.

Your laugh has no match,
I could go days listening to that sound
I feel at bliss when I’m around you,
A home I’ve at last found.

The butterflies died long ago,
After months of heartbreak and gloom
But you planted a garden inside of me,
When my love for had bloomed.

I know you can’t return the feelings,
You don’t think of me that way
But even one word from you,
Continues to make my day.


The Chameleon

Everything looks better,
With a fresh coat of paint
A new perspective,
To cover up the taints

A pristine colour to match,
The varying desires
In trying to fit in,
Was she really a liar?

Day by day,
As she met a new face
Hers would change too,
According to their taste

What they looked in for another,
Was what she became
As she added on to her layers,
She was never again the same

The clay of her personality,
Moulded to fit a trait
The mask she put on,
Was used as her bait

Everything looks better,
With a fresh coat of paint
But there are only so many colours,
To cover up the taints.



There once was a girl,
With a fiery soul
A gentle heart,
And a voice so bold
Her beauty was praised,
Throughout the land
And every young lad,
Wished for her hand.

Suitor after suitor,
Came riding by
They stared at her,
Desire in their eyes
From princes to paupers,
All lined up to impress
One question was all she asked them,
Not more, not less.

“Describe my beauty,”
Was all she said
And the suitors all answered,
From the top of their heads
“Hair like husked corn,
Clear blue eyes,
And porcelain skin,”said Sir Kyle.

“Hair like ebony!”
Protested another man
“Lips red like a rose,
The fairest in the land.”
Several others tried,
Saying what they could see
For they all say in her,
Their definitions of beauty.

One saw a smile,
That brought joy to his life
In her face one saw kindness,
Another saw his wife
Days had passed,
But to her dismay
None of her suitors said,
What she hoped they would say.

The girl began losing faith,
And all her adherence
For not one of her many suitors,
Had described her true appearance
She wasn’t beautiful after all,
Or so she began to fear
When at last one came along,
To tell her how she appeared

There was one who found her beautiful,
It all became crystal clear
For as she stared at her reflection,
Her insecurities disappeared.

In a world where you represent everyone else’s definition of beauty, you are bound to forget yourself. You are bound to succumb to the wants of everyone around you. But you don’t need to change yourself for anybody. Self love is something that isn’t given enough importance, and I want to change that. Dear readers, you are beautiful. You are worth it. Love yourself.





When the apple fell,
Newton discovered gravity
It’s only when we’re pulled down,
That we realise our vitality

When the leaves fall,
Change is in the air
The sombre shades will transform,
The trees won’t stay bare

When snowflakes fall,
Celebration hits the streets
Love swells in hearts,
Sorrow retreats

When eyelids fall,
Peace fills the soul
Thoughts are tucked away,
As slumber takes its toll

When the sun falls,
The moon takes its place
Stars twinkle from up above,
As dreams are chased

When petals fall,
The truth will appear
Whether he truly loves her,
Will at last be clear

When teardrops fall,
We must know its not the end
We get stronger and stronger,
As we fall again.


The world overwhelmed her with so many thoughts,
That she decided to keep them inside
One question after the other was thrown at her,
So she chose to run and hide

The world overburdened her with so much pain,
That she couldn’t express it out loud
She hid behind white lies and plastic smiles,
To put on a show for the crowd.

The world overdosed her so many sorrows,
She swallowed her tragedy away
The thoughts in her mind the most violent of all,
For they were silent till the very last day.

Her words could fill oceans, but she only told them a drop.


Every day she walked,
Watering can in hand
She smiled at the lady,
At the newspaper stand

Around her, the city bustled about,
And she loved her home without a doubt

Waving a hello to the boy on the bike,
She caught a whiff of the smoke she sure did dislike

Every day she walked,
Watering can in hand
She went around the city,
Showing love to the plants

Around her, the city danced about its way,
So she went up to the people and told them what she wanted to say

One by one, they started to make an impact,
All of it began with the smallest of acts

Trickling in were thousands of hands,
As everyone chipped in to save the land

Every day she watered,
But now she wasn’t alone,
From one plant, a chain reaction had grown

The newspaper lady, the boy on the bike,
Together they got rid of the smoke they disliked

Where joy cascades, there once was gloom,
When she planted change, love had bloomed.

. . . .

The sun doesn’t care whether we watch it rise or not. It will continue being beautiful, irrespective of who is there to appreciate it.

Small acts lead to big impacts. One match can start a wildfire.
Ignite change.
Fuel a revolution.
Burn the negativity. 
Be that match.


We tell people they should be beautiful, but judge them when they wear makeup. We tell people to be nice, but laugh along with the bully. We tell people to be confident, but mistake their security with overconfidence. Why are we so hypocritical? Why can’t we live in a judgment-free society?

You paint your face with makeup because it makes you feel strong-
How can anyone judge you and make you feel like you’ve done wrong?

You throw on a nice façade because it conceals your inner heartbreak-
How can anyone try to label you as someone who is fake?

You elude confidence and always speak your mind-
How can anyone tell you that you’re anything less than kind?

You stick to your decisions, your mentality is firm-
How can anyone tell you that all you are is stubborn?

We’re all nothing but hypocrites, making life harder for ourselves-
When will we look past our differences and what’s on the outer shell?

We expect to see beauty around us, but makeup is a bane-
We encourage kindness, but don’t believe we’re all the same

We tell people to be confident, but bad mouth the ones who are-
We ourselves are the ones suffering, caged behind bars

We tell people to be different, to accept that there is change-
Yet we’re also the ones that stare at them and think that they are strange

We say we believe in equality and we criticize all the wrong-
Yet we’re also the ones brining down those who were once strong

We’re the ones holding the key, as well as the ones who are caged-
It’s not only our actions, but our mindsets that must be changed.

Washing Machine

Like the clothes in a running washing machine,

Swirl the thoughts of a slightly psychotic teen

When it’s time to throw in the load, the spirits are high,

But when the switch is turned on, that’s when you hear the cries

Going round and round in circles, the ambivalence is strong,

Torn between the options, the list of choices long

Pop in the suds and the litres of soap,

You’re suspended in midair on a tightrope

The emotions getting cleansed, preparing for the brainwash,

The clothes spinning in circles, the torment won’t stop

Entering in anguish and walking out squeaky clean,

Spinning around in circles in the washing machine

The immediate thoughts repeating over and over again,

Finally they click to place and the ambivalence ends

The puzzle piece was placed and you found the lost treasure,

All because you put in extra soap for good measure

Like the clothes in a running washing machine,

There swirl the thoughts of a slightly psychotic teen.

. . . .

My life is like a washing machine. I walk into the open door with a big grin on my face and as soon as the load gets dumped in, that’s when my life goes around in circles. Add some soap for good measure, and there I am, trying to survive the tidal waves of my thoughts. But once the trauma is over, I am drenched in tranquility. I have clarity. But it won’t be long before the next laundry basket makes its way into sending my life spiraling once again. 

The Reason For Seasons

You are Summer,
You spread happiness all around
With your effervescent nature,
You go out of bounds

Frolicking in a meadow of daisies,
You dance to your own beat
But you wait and watch till everyone’s happy,
And you’ll always be on your feet

Then there’s Spring who’s always a princess,
She’s strong and fearless, but sweet
You can see her cry in the hardest of times,
But she’ll never bow down in defeat

She’s got the delicate petals of a rose,
Which can always melt your heart
But when you least expect she’ll expose her thorns,
And she’ll tear your world apart

Next there’s Autumn with her sensible nature,
She’s intelligent beyond compare
She’ll outsmart you in any battle,
But in arguments she has no flair

She strikes you as the immature one,
Who only follows commands
She appears to be the timid one in the group,
But we’ll end up listening to her demands

Following her is Monsoon with her showers,
She brings despair is what they say
She can blow you over with her theatrical nature,
She can mold emotions from a splatter of clay

She can bring together the world under her blankets of tears,
Hand in hand we would stay
But then again she’s the magician behind rainbows,
She can pave way for a brighter day

At the end of the year comes Winter,
The coldest yet most festive days
She can move mountains with her formidable nature,
Yet her loving will stay displayed

She has the power to rule you over,
Change your opinion from scratch
Yet she’ll still show you how much she loves you,
Her warm hugs with hot cocoa can’t match

No season can last without the other,
They are a group of opposites who’ll last,
They make the year have its ups and downs,
On the world, their spells are cast

There is a reason they’d been put together,
To rub off their best qualities on each other
They are made to be united, to think as one,
They know they are better together.

. . . .
Every group of friends is like the seasons. Everyone has a part to play. It won’t be the same with even one person missing. Which season are you?

Never Too Old To Believe

Santa Claus is real, no matter what people say,

I believe in Leprechauns, come what may

The tooth fairy comes every time I loose a tooth,

Orpheus ever playing his magical lute

Unicorns, pegasi, goblins and mermaids

Brave knights of medieval kingdoms never seem afraid

The Easter bunny arriving with his multi-coloured eggs

Pirates of Neverland with their patches and peg-legs

I have a wild imagination and wandering thoughts

Like a battle of colour, inside my head is fought

Other people wouldn’t understand- they think they’re all just stories,

That they’re too old for magic, much done with glory

If that’s the case then I’ll never grow up

Believing and dreaming I’ll never stop

If crazy’s what they call me then so it shall be

Because I’m not changing for anyone, I’ll always be me.


Why does every princess need to have a prince,
I used to think the very same, but now I’m not convinced
I don’t need a boy to help me keep my spirits high,
I’ll do much better without the drama, without the desperate cries

Why does every queen need a king to have the power,
I don’t need the chocolates or the pretty flowers
I don’t need someone by me every minute of the day,
I don’t want to commit myself to someone who won’t stay

Why does every ending have to resemble a fairytale,
I don’t need the big bouquets or the snow white veil
I don’t want to see myself in someone else’s shadow,
I think I am capable of sailing my own boat

Why does every girl dream of finding the perfect one,
Why does my life have to revolve around love
I don’t want to be the girl who lives her life to impress
Forever I’ll be my own person, I don’t need a white dress

I don’t believe that love is the key to finding ultimate bliss,
I don’t need a man to be happy, I’m good being called ‘miss’
I don’t need your flattery or your diamond ring,
I think this queen is strong enough to rule without a king.


The answer is violence.

There will never come a time when-

You are truly loved

You are honestly appreciated

Your existence is valued

It’s time you understood-

That action ignites change

We are under the false impression

That words can make a difference

We must know

How to stand up


How to speak up

We must know

How to fight


How to write

We must know.

• • •
Now read it from bottom to top 🙂


Leave your hair open, that lipstick shade will do,
Wing your eyeliner and your dress must be new
Don’t forget the blush, just a dash of rose red,
Earrings should be dangling, at least that’s what they said

Give a wide smile, but make sure not too wide,
Throw one leg over the other and keep your hands by your side
Stand over there where the lighting is great,
Tilt your head to the side and keep your back straight

Get those glasses off and that foundation touched up,
That’s when I knew that I’d had enough
It was time my thoughts were finally spoken,
After all, in the end, every doll gets broken

I was done pretending to be someone I surely was not,
I wasn’t going to sit still, it was time I fought
I grabbed ahold of my curls and tied them right back,
Rubbed the lipstick all off with my trembling hands

Smudged the eyeliner and poured the blush on my dress,
Ultimately creating what you would call a mess
When I was sure I had managed to let all hell loose,
I simply walked away from the hisses and the boos

When I could finally turn around and let out a light laugh,
That’s when the camera had finally snapped.

Blind Eye to Stereotypes

If I’m a blonde I must be dumb,
I’m always at parties, just having fun
I get special attention from people I don’t know,
But as they stay longer, my true colours I’ll show

If I’m a raven, I’m mysterious and dark,
I’m gloomy and secretive, not a fiery spark
I’m strong and fearless, you must be scared,
To even approach me, people wouldn’t dare

If I’m a redhead I’m aggressive and crazy,
Extremely unique but just as lazy
I’m not always the brightest, but clever as a fox,
I’m an extrovert who thinks out of the box

If I’m a brunette I must be nice,
A sophisticated darling without any spice
I do what I’m told and I’m smarter than the rest,
I’m charming and pretty, yet I pass every test

Well what if I’m a Violette, a purple-headed freak,
Will people call me a minion or an attention-seeking geek?
When will this world ever stop assessing a face,
Searching for a flaw, your scars they will trace
My hair is my hair and it’s not going to change,
Even if the world continues to call it strange

I’ll be who I am and not trust stereotypes,
For classifying people based on looks isn’t right
Just because you’re blonde doesn’t mean you’re Regina George,
And just because you’re a redhead, trouble won’t forge
Just because you’re a raven it doesn’t mean you want a fight,
Brunettes aren’t always innocent, they aren’t always right

I can be who I want to be without society defining me,
I don’t have to blindly follow their statements on beauty
Forget about the stereotypes, forget about the world,
I can still be beautiful and stay the same old girl.

Queen of Hearts

You say I’ve gone mad, you say I’m just rage
You think I’m just lonely, trapped up in this cage
You think I’m a goner, I’ll loose my battle soon,
You’ll bid goodbye as I fly to my doom
You say I’m mad, you say I’m crazy,
You think I’m all anger as the memories are hazy
You claim you’re my saviour, my knight in shining armour,
But all you proved to be was a reckless charmer
I didn’t fall in rabbit holes just for fun,
My battle’s not over, my story’s just begun
You say I’ve gone bonkers, you say I’m just rage,
But that’s​ the mad hatter, turn the page
I once had a heart, then had it broken,
Over and over till I’d finally awoken
Love wasn’t my game and you weren’t going to play,
My heartstrings as they continually break
I once had a mind, a clean slate,
I once had thicker skin, I wasn’t afraid
I once had a soul as bright as the dawn,
I once had a heart but now it’s long gone.


It’s all your fault,
What you did really hurt
I wanted you to come to me,
But I apologized first

It’s all your fault,
For saying what you said
And now all those memories,
Are littering my head

It’s all your fault,
For making me feel what I felt
Giving me all those fantasies,
All that pain alone I dealt

It’s all your fault,
For making me believe
That we were made to be,
That what we had was real

It’s all your fault,
For not making time
If I was important,
You’d put everything else aside

It’s all your fault,
For being seemingly perfect
That I fell for you,
Despite my mental protests

It’s all your fault,
For making me wish
That you were still by my side,
In ultimate bliss

It’s not all your fault, 
That’s just something I do.
I pass on the blame,
So I can hide away the truth.


Pain to you,
May not be pain to me
But pain is pain,
Hidden in poetry

The emotions my canvas,
The tears my paint
The memories my theme,
And the scars I’ve gained

The fear my words,
The tragedy my rhyme
The heartbreak my muse,
Every time

Pain to you,
May not be pain to me
But pain is pain,
Hidden in poetry

I write my sorrows in songs,
Fears in free verse
Anger in acrostic,
With my emotions immersed

I spin the negativity,
Into passion within my heart
I turn my paroxysms,
Into works of art

Pain to you,
May not be pain to me
But my pain is a gain,
When I write poetry.

Four Walls

These four walls are my only solace, my shelter from the world outside,
While others would say that they feel trapped, I feel safer when I hide.

These four walls are my sanctuary, no other can I call my home,
I sit crouched inside, blissfully alone.

These four walls house the writings of my heart, the emotions I wish to withhold,
The anxiety that curses threw my veins, the stories I’ve never told.

These four walls are not concrete or stone, but further hidden inside,
These four walls are the prison chamber for the devil in my mind.


People are always telling me,
It’s not about the success
It’s about the journey you take to get there,
Overcoming all the stress

It’s about seizing the moment,
Not thinking far ahead
Not hassling yourself with problems,
But the adventure instead

People are always telling me,
It’s not about achieving
It’s about having hope,
Striving and believing

But there’s not going to be a journey,
If you don’t work for it every day
Bettering yourself each time,
And leading your own way

Travel new roads,
Explore the depths of your mind
Navigate through your ideas,
You don’t know what you’ll find

People are always telling me,
It’s not about the success
But when you tell yourself you can reach it,
That’s when you’ll do your best.





Crossing Oceans

When he sees your messages, but never replies,
When he doesn’t bother to notice those tears behind your smile

When he pretends he doesn’t know you in front of all his friends,
When he doesn’t prove he’s worth it, it’s time to mark the end

When he doesn’t tell you you’re beautiful for the little things you do,
When he doesn’t always tell you the straight-out honest truth

When he doesn’t make time to talk about all that you’ve been through,
When he doesn’t seem to care about the things that matter to you

When he promises to make it work, that he’d give you the whole world,
But alas you see him happy, but with another girl

He doubles your insecurities and doesn’t have a clue,
So don’t cross oceans for people who don’t jump puddles for you.

. . . .

Don’t always hold onto past memories, because sometimes, they’re what blind you from the present.

Live Life Offline

Why does every time we meet,
Have to go up on your Instagram feed?
Everytime I see you we’re talking selfies,
Internally I’m screaming for someone to help me

Why does every moment have to be saved on Snapchat,
Daily status updates? Why do we even do that?
Texting for hours with someone you barely know,
Face to face you’re strangers, on chats conversations flow?

Honestly, I just want to be real,
Live my life without being told how to feel
See the world not through a camera lens,
Not trying to increase my number of internet friends

I’m non-photogenic and I don’t dress up for the snaps,
But that doesn’t make me ugly, social media’s just a trap
Paranoid by your follower count, your image, your likes,
It’s all about your appearance and the poses you strike

I miss when notifications were nothing but calls to come eat dinner,
I miss when I didn’t look at the mirror and wish that I was thinner
I miss when getting tagged was nothing but a game,
When I didn’t hide my identity behind a username

I miss when stories were in the form of books,
I miss when I didn’t hate myself for the way I look.

. . . .

Sometimes I wonder… If I switched off my phone forever, never checked my texts again, didn’t respond to any more posts or upload any more pictures, would people wonder if I was okay?


I don’t want to talk,
I just want this to end
After all that’s happened,
I need a real friend

Not someone who hurts,
Who threatens, who hates
I don’t want to be a part-
Of all the drama you create

You turned my friends into foes,
You made my world a living hell
You say I ruined everything,
Does that ring a bell?

You made my shred of self esteem,
Turn to dust
You made my armour,
Weaken and rust

That’s what I meant by toxic,
Now do you understand?
When I was at my weakest,
I just needed a hand

So don’t go telling everyone,
That I am weak and broken
For after what you did,
My inner demons have awoken

Perhaps I was always cracked,
Not at the surface, but inside,
And now that you’ve exposed me,
I have nowhere left to hide

But was I the one who succumbed?
Was I the one to pass the blame?
I accept I made mistakes,
But for those should I be shamed?

We all have a list of sins,
Written against our names
But one thing I know for sure,
Is that I don’t play your dangerous games

So let me make this clear,
I just want this to end
For after everything that’s happened,
All I need is a friend.

Turtle Shell

When life gets too hard and emotions get over me,
I hide under my formidable shell
Noone can harm me or take me away,
I can hide from this resemblance of hell

When life takes the blanket of blackness and wraps it,
Enclosing me in a corner of depression
I duck under my veil of plastered innocence,
And I’m filled with calmer emotions

When life takes the upper hand and locks me in,
Into the valves of negativity I go,
I hide under the covers, behind the scenes,
My feelings they’ll never know

When life hands me misfortune on a silver plate,
And expects me to consume it with tranquility
I hide under my turtle shell, away from the madness,
The darkest spectrum they’ll never see

When life gives me bad news and expects me to take it,
Like it’s not a big deal at all
I hide under my vulnerability, behind that closed door,
I pretend to embrace the fall

When life suspends me at the brink of madness,
I’ll make sure that no one can tell
They won’t know how quickly I’m breaking apart,
Under my turtle shell.

Dear You

Dear Sister,
You were always the one to brighten my days and bring a smile on my face. I could tell you just about anything without the fear of judgement and you’d do the same with me. My interests became yours and your friends became mine. We learnt to love everything about each other.
What made us stop?

Dear Best Friend, 
I could depend on you to help me during a mental breakdown and you could turn to me for advice even in the silent hours of the night. You were my walking diary, my unpaid therapist and my number one supporter. You were there to cheer me on even when I was at my lowest.
When did that end?

Dear Friend,
Somewhere along the way, my lows became normality and my happiness, nonexistent. My breakdowns lasted an eternity and my weakpoints outweighed my strong ones.
The balance was broken and depression threatened to vanquish my existence. I believed it when you told me that you’d always be there, but where were you when I really needed you?
Just like my happiness, did you disappear owing to my instability?
Slowly, as time and silence built a wall between us, I started to accept our fate.
Eventually, I added bricks to it, out of betrayal and grief.
Where did you go?

Dear Stranger,
We now pretend like we were nothing but acquaintances from the very start. You only need me as a source of entertainment. When I’m exuberant, you stay around. When I’m in pain, I’m exiled.
What I really want is for you to inquire; to ooze out every last detail and make me feel like you truly loved me and that our friendship wasn’t a fantasy my mind had conjured.
Prove to me that that unconditional support, stability and serendipity was a reality.
Prove to me that that girl I knew is still out there, so that we can embark upon the journey from strangers to sisters once again.

Half a Heart.


Instead of being the avant-garde,
The glorified, unique abnormality
In my mind I’m merely the lone wolf,
The discarded anomaly

I hope for trust and camaraderie,
I strive to become one with the group
But those esoteric tales will always remain-
A boundary between me and the troop

I wish I was born with natural charisma,
I wish I didn’t need to try so hard
My acrimony has dissolved into fits of angst,
My self worth has broken to shards

Before, I craved the limelight with all that I had,
I desired to be the bona fide
I presumed friends were the result of bravado and brains,
But now all I want is to hide.

~An Aspiring Parvenu

. . . .

We all crave what we can’t have, and the second it’s in our grasp, it proves to be inadequate.

Once, all I wanted was to feel accepted. I didn’t want to be the anomaly. I wanted to fit in, no matter how different everyone was from me. If I wasn’t being accepted, I blamed myself.

But now, I’m proud to be a pebble in a crowd full of diamonds. I’m okay being who I am. My decision may not pave way for a journey full of sunshine and rainbows, but at least it’s my own path that I’m walking.

I don’t need to be a part of a group to feel loved. 
I need my insecurities to take a backseat, my heart to beat and my fears to retreat.

Love yourself first, and everyone else will follow. 


I waited, I watched, I wished,
As the world around me derided
I don’t know why or how I did it,
But I left my thoughts undecided.

Fluttering in my chest was a sliver of hope,
That you’ll show up one way or another
But once the clock struck ten I wasn’t sure,
Why I had even bothered.

The empty seat in front of me,
Drew eyes all around
It stole the show and my pride,
In self pity I wished to drown.

You told me that you wanted me,
You promised me a date
But when the clock chimed eleven,
I stopped believing you were late.

I could feel the empathy radiating,
From all corners of the room
I pitied myself for ever believing,
Love for me could bloom.

I waited, I watched, I wished,
But the pain was too much to handle
Wallowing in my misery,
I blew out my birthday candles.


One word after another,
Carefully, taking it slow
I drew with ultimate precision,
How much I cared, you should know.

It had our names in calligraphy,
The black ink carved on the page
The amount of time I spent on it,
Right now just brings me rage.

Every intricate detail,
Every mark of the quill
Every single word,
I wanted you then and still.

That bookmark that I made for you,
It wasn’t the time I spent
I know it wasn’t much to give,
But you don’t know how much it meant.

It wasn’t the calligraphy,
It wasn’t the strokes of the quill
All I want to know,
Do you have it, still?

The Bride

I gingerly made my way,
Ambivalence destroying my mind
I was finally finding transcendence,
My life had at last aligned

I hoped my makeup could conceal,
What I felt inside
Under my diaphanous veil,
Today, I was the bride.

And that was when I saw you,
The one I didn’t want to see
Tears threatening to fall,
I smiled miserably

White veil and red roses,
My dream had come true
The only person missing-
In my story was you

As I made my way up front,
I let the old memories die
You made the mistake of letting me go,
And now I wasn’t your bride.

The Groom

I watched as you stood,
Like a porcelain doll
Being fawned over by the crowd,
Like Cinderella at the ball

With swan-like elegance,
You walked down the aisle
I felt numb with butterflies,
When you caught my eye and smiled

In that very instant,
My life flashed by me
And by life you know I mean,
You were all that I could see

White veil and red roses,
Your dream had come true
Any man would be lucky,
To spend a lifetime with you

As you made your way up front,
Your gown cascading over the floor
I tried to stifle my emotions,
And lock those old doors

I tried to be happy,
As your smile lit up the room
But alas, the past caught up with me,
And I wished that I were the groom.

Dear Ex-Lover

Dear ex-lover,
I’m sorry for what I said
I pushed the blame onto you,
For how we came to an end

I’m sorry I didn’t understand,
All that you went through
I guess that I was so caught up in myself,
I didn’t bother thinking of you

I’m sorry I wasn’t there,
To support you on your belief
To give you a hug and a cheerful farewell,
Instead of the tears that streamed down my cheeks

I’m sorry for expecting all of you,
The things I never would’ve done
I’m sorry for jumping too fast into something,
Neither of us could run

I’m sorry for overreacting over this,
I’m sorry I told the world
I’m sorry that my emotions took over,
I hope you’re happy with your new girl

I’m sorry I was so serious and wanted to believe,
I guess that I was just so surprised that you fell in love with me.

Happy Endings

Aren’t endings so?
Down and up.
Failure, then success.
Madness, then miracles.
Negativity becomes positivity.
Really, though, everyone says so.
Life becomes better
~One day~
Better, becomes life.
So says everyone.
Though really?
Positivity becomes negativity.
Miracles, then madness.
Success, then failure.
Up and down.
So endings aren’t happy.

Here’s another palindrome poem. If you read the top half backwards, word by word, you get the second half. It looks like a mirror. When read in each way it gives different meanings. Hope you liked it 🙂

One Book at a Time

As I jovially walked my way back home,
I saw a girl standing all alone.
In tattered clothes and grime on her hands,
She hopelessly tried to sell fans.

At eight years old she already looked worn,
Her expression downcast as she stood forlorn.
My joviality dissipated and empathy took its place,
As I saw the poor girl’s morose face.

Education is a privilege given only to a few,
The misery of some- I hadn’t a clue.
The youth had been stolen from her eyes,
So I decided to change the world, one book at a time.

Reaching into my bag, I pulled out a pen,
And a sheaf of papers that I could lend.
I tapped the girl’s shoulder and took a seat,
And on that very street, I began to teach.

Every day as I walked on my way back home,
I made sure the girl was never alone.
With a smile on my face and a book in my hand,
I dreamed of a day when she wouldn’t sell fans.

Education is a privilege given only to a few,
But I prayed that one day that wouldn’t be true.
I taught her to write words, albeit a few,
At least she was learning something new.

Eventually she learnt to be fluent with her words,
I’d given her an incentive on how to conquer the world.
Using wisdom as my weapon, I taught her how to fight-
For the education that was every child’s right.

At twenty years old, she told the world her story,
And I was ever so proud of our camaraderie.
One book, one pen can change a life,
She put an end to her struggle, an end to her strife.

Education is a privilege given only to a few,
But one book at a time, we can change that too.
The tints of desolation in her eyes,
Were replaced with wisdom’s light.

As I walked along that very same road,
I remembered the poor girl’s miserable abode.
I looked down at the same book now in my hands,
And missed the girl who once sold fans.

Education is a privilege given only to a few,
But if I could change that, so can you
One book at a time, we can fight-
For the education that is every child’s right.


A craving so deep for something you barely know
Can only show how intrigued you are so

The questions tumbling out, one by one,
With each growing longer, the list’ll never be done

Everything about it ignites a spark of interest,
Which spreads far and wide, your knowledge put to the test

Every detail, every stroke of the artist’s brush
Every colour, every shade causing an energy rush

A craving so deep, so well hidden
A craving so strong for something forbidden.

Beauty at its Best

The most colorful of eyes and skin so fair
The longest legs, the thickest of hair

The slenderest figure, the rosiest of lips,
The most radiant smiles, fantastic hair flips

One must walk like a model and dress like the queen
Wear the highest of heels and have skin like porcelain

Why don’t you just call us plastic,
Our opinions have become drastic

Where words don’t matter, only the handsome face
Slicked back hair with suits made of lace

Blonde hair and blue eyes or auburn with sea green
Pearly white teeth and faces, serene

One can preach for hours about beauty inside
But our opinions on beauty will remain here to bide

Don’t judge a book by its cover may apply for books,
But it’ll take time for humans to change their approach on looks

But it’s never too late to begin, to change our mindset
Because after all, it’s our imperfections that make us perfect.

Do I Love You?

They say when you love someone,
You love every part
Every inch, every version,
Straight from your heart

They say when you love someone,
They’re always on your mind
Their hair, their smile,
There’s not a flaw you can find

They say when you love someone,
You try your hardest to make it work
You fall in love with even your differences,
Every antic, every quirk

They say when you love someone,
It’s so pure and true
But how come I don’t feel-
That way about you?

Warning Sign

Everything she did felt wrong at the time,
From the depth of her words, to the fakeness of her smile.

Everything she did felt wrong at the time,
For she knew someone was watching from behind.

Something about even the ordinary fet odd,
From the sadness in her laughter, to the distracted nods.

Something about her was different at the time,
For then, there was nothing left in her mind.

Nothing about her was the same that day,
From the stiffness to her shoulders, to the paleness of her face.

Nothing about her felt normal at the time,
Yet no one had noticed the warning signs.

The Hunt For Happiness

It isn’t easy to convince yourself,
At the break of dawn
That all the darkness in your mind,
Must be gone.

The battle of depression,
Is almost the same-
As the hunt for happiness.
You have the same aim.

Sometimes you lose yourself,
Madness is mixed with mirth
In the pursuit of exuberance,
Pride’s confused with self worth.

The struggle is indescribable,
Your strength is put to the test
Pain is inevitable,
And you’re unintentionally stressed.

The hunt for happiness isn’t simple,
It’s not an elementary task
To truly feel light at heart,
Is harder than putting on a mask

To fight the battle of depression,
Is already an enormous deal
But what’s even more commendable,
Is wearing a smile that’s real.

. . . . . .

Fighting depression is no easy task on its own, but you know what makes it worth it in the end? 
True happiness. 
Real laughter. 
A genuine smile.

Hiding away how you truly feel and masking your grief behind eloquently crafted poetry isn’t going to make your pain any less real. You’ve got to face what life throws at you and tell yourself it’s not enough to bring you down.

Life’s only throwing you obstacles because it knows you’re strong enough to jump over them. Don’t prove it wrong.

You are beautiful. Whoever you are, wherever you are. Don’t give up on life, because it’s definitely not giving up on you.


Mother’s hand was the first I ever held,
Her fingers were my only flicker of hope
Looking into her eyes and seeing that smile,
The world was a Kaleidoscope

My rabbit hole to Wonderland,
She helped me find an escape
Always the one to get me back on my feet,
Around her I always felt safe

She listened to my troubles and taught me to stay happy,
She helped me make new friends
She was always the one to bring me back to focus,
She was there to help me make amends

She taught me how to make my very first snow angel,
And my favourite origami cranes
She was there to witness my first day at school,
She helped me believe I was sane

I love her with everything that I have,
I’ll always keep her close
All the things she’s done for me throughout the years,
Mother’s Day isn’t enough to show

While Mother was Alice, Dad was the Mad Hatter,
Teaching me all there is to know
About flying a kite and riding a bike,
And how to play ball throw

He’d throw me up into the sky,
To the birds I’d say hello
And with the perfect catch I’ll be back in his arms,
Up again in 3,2,1 Go!

He was always the one who led me to adventure,
Making the darkness seem bright
Going horseback riding and camping in the woods,
The best were our food fights

Letting me tie his tie for work,
Hoisting me up on his shoulders
When he was around I was on top of the world,
He taught me how to be bolder

Father was the one who made me strong today,
He helped me face my fears
Even if that meant ordering my own food at McDonald’s,
I knew he’d always be here

Then came along my little bother,
Fighting was our one and only pass time
I love how we mastered the art of videogames,
Together we were partners in crime

When we decided to be nice we’d share the blame,
When one of us broke a vase
While playing hide and seek all around the house,
Mom’s punishments together we’d face

He’d let me dress him up in my fancy dresses,
And I’d gladly pour him some tea
But the next day it’d be my turn to play with his Nerf guns,
Not to forget his favourite Hot Wheels

Sometimes we’d have our sleepovers,
When he’d come to sleep in my room
The whole night we’d be laughing at old memories,
And all our dreams come true

He was my built in best friend all along,
Without him there’s no telling what I’d do

They’ve been there through everything and witnessed me break,
They’ll always be my family
No matter how much I trip on my own feet,
They’ll always love me for me.


She stood at the edge of a mountain,
Tears dripping down her face
Ready to plummet to her end,
So that her existence could be erased.

“You’re beautiful,”she shouted,
At the top of her voice
Her last words said to drown out,
All the internal noise.

She took a deep breath,
Mentally prepared
To back out now,
She didn’t dare.

“You’re beautiful,”came a voice,
And she smiled through her tears
For all those many years of her life,
That’s all she wanted to hear.

When You Were With Me

You hurt me when you were with me,
But you hurt me more when you left.
You stole my heart and my self worth,
You should be arrested for theft.

You hurt me when you were with me,
But what hurt more is what you said.
Can you tell me why you did it?
What was going on in your head?

You hurt me when you were with me,
By saying this love was one-sided.
If it was so one-sided, Darling,
Tell me how our fates collided.

You hurt me when you were with me,
By saying I didn’t love you back.
Tell that to my broken heart,
The happiness I now lack.

You hurt me when you were with me,
Now I’m obsolete.
If you loved me so much, tell me:
Why did you cheat?

We’re Done

You asked for another chance,
I gave you one.
But after all that’s happened?
Darling, we’re done.

You tore me with your words,
Sliced me open with guilt.
Broke me with your antics,
And the lies that you built.

You begged for forgiveness,
I pardoned your crimes.
I believed you’d changed,
And wouldn’t hurt me one more time.

You lied all this while,
Said I was the only one.
Did you tell her the same thing?
Darling, we’re done.

Fairytale Ending

I can’t wait for my happy ending,
My turn to have a story to tell
Waiting for the day my prince charming will come,
To my past life I’ll bid farewell

Waiting for the day I’ll get a Valentine,
Wishing for a chance at this game
Hoping for the day my white horse will arrive,
My life will never be the same

Looking at the stars and wishing with all my might,
That one day he’ll finally show
One day I’ll have someone to sweep me off my feet,
There’s no chance I’ll say a no

Hoping for the day when he’ll finally ask,
When he’ll finally see me for me
Waiting for the moment when the world will be forgotten,
It’s just him that I will see

I wish I had my happily ever after,
Someone who could love me for my quirks
Someone who could accept me for who I am,
And see my flaws only as perks

I won’t stop believing that he’s still out there,
And one day our paths will intertwine
One day he’ll notice me and take an interest,
He’ll see me in another light

One day I’ll have my princess castle,
I’ll live my own fairytale
One day I’ll find someone who loves me back,
But for now I’m leading my own trail.


You hate, I love.
Dear, are we done?
Had we-
What is madness?
Madness is what we we had,
Done we are.
Dear Love,
I hate you.

Here’s another palindrome poem. Hope you liked it!

One Day

The day that we first met back in school,
I turned around and said hello to you.
It was a simple thing,
But now you’re my everything.
The day that we first met, I never knew,
How much I’d love you.

One day our dreams will collide.
One day our paths won’t intertwine.
One day will come when you’re not by my side,
But no matter how far we’re apart,
You’ll always be my best friend in my heart.


Hearing it From You

I warned you that I wasn’t worth it,
I told you to stay away
I knew that I would hurt you,
From the first day

I’m a hazard to myself,
I’m broken on the inside
I knew I’d bring you down with me,
On this roller coaster ride

I told you I wasn’t okay,
I warned you about my mind
I told you you couldn’t prepare yourself,
For the things you were about to find

I told you I was different,
I wasn’t like the rest
Regarding all my flaws,
I openly confessed

Yet still you opened a door,
And lead yourself through
I told you I wasn’t worth it,
But it hurt to hear it from you.

The Hoodie

Do you remember those beautiful times,
When you made it your day’s goal to make me smile?
What happened to that, where did you go?
The boy I once loved, who he’s now I don’t know

Do you remember when we’d talk through the night,
I’d tell you about everything going on in my life
You’d spill some secrets you weren’t to tell,
Then I’d pinky promise and you’d talk about yourself

We’d argue about petty things and laugh at even smaller,
You always liked to pride yourself on the fact that you were taller
We had our many inside jokes that the world wouldn’t understand,
Obsessing over books and shows, and a very many bands

That hoodie in my favourite colour, the one I wished was mine,
The one you said that I could borrow at any point in time
What happened to that, what happened to us?
What happened was that you had broken my trust

Remember when you created the perfect nickname,
Remember when our hopes were the very same
We believed we would last, we believed we were forever,
We believed after everything we’d still be together

What happened to the smiles, the talks through the night,
What happened to ranting about our lives?
What happened to the hope, the faith, the trust,
What happened to believing in the power of ‘us’?

What happened to trying to stay together,
All those empty words,’love’ and ‘forever’
But it wasn’t too hard for you to move on to another,
And now she’ll wear that hoodie in my favourite colour.

Parallel Lines

Some people are like parallel lines,
Their lives run side by side
They’re always there to help each other out,
But they can never collide.

While others are like every other pair,
They intersect once and The End
They keep on going their separate ways,
They drift apart and never meet again.

So always be thankful for those parallel lines,
No matter how hectic the ride
For even though they may not understand everything,
They’ll always be by your side.


She carried her insecurities-
On her shoulders, like scars
With every word her bliss was caged,
Her happiness was behind bars

They said
Her shoulders were hunched,
As she lowered her head

“Over-sensitive”,”Odd”, “Lonely”-
They went on
All the while unable to place,
What exactly she’d done wrong

The more they labelled,
The more gloomy she appeared
Carrying more weights on hunched shoulders,
Shedding silent tears

She carried her insecurities-
On her shoulders, like scars
With each word, she hid away,
Her confidence torn apart.




One of my favourite types of poetry is Palindrome Poetry. Although it’s challenging, it’s insanely entertaining. I hope you like this! Comment if you want more poems like this one. 

Gone, was she?
Stolen, had judgement?
Had she left whatever-
Strength and beauty,
Beauty and strength, little.
Whatever left she had-
Judgement had stolen.
She was gone.


She just wanted to be normal,
She just wanted a happy life.
But then her emotions began to bleed,
When she tore them open with her knife.

No one knew how much she cried,
Her tears dripping with silent roars
Late into the night,
Like the blood now coating the floor.

They made her life a living hell,
They never acted like they knew.
If anyone asked they’d never tell,
Of all that she’d gone through.

Her happiness was soon drained,
All her colours were washed out.
On her smiles the world had rained,
And muffled were her shouts.

No one helped her when she drowned,
Lying limp against the cold floor.
And now her body has been found,
As she couldn’t take it anymore.

It was only after she left,
That she was happy the most,
Because even before she died,
They treated her like a ghost.

When she was gone,
Her struggles had no mention,
The world had her branded,
As a seeker for attention.

She just wanted to be normal,
She just wanted a happy life.
Up above she thought she belonged,
And left behind was her knife.

. . .
Only upon seeing her lifeless body the world had shed tears. 
But what they failed to see was that she was already dead long before she took her own life. 


People come into your life like new books waiting to be opened. You catch a whiff of their scent, you discover word by word of their stories.

Eventually, there will come a time when you become inseparable. You’re hooked onto their little quirks and hidden mysteries. You’re latched onto their plot.

But then there will come a moment when you reach your climax: a fight scene, a betrayal, a week of silence, a plot twist.

And finally, it’s over.
Your friendship.
Your story.
The words you etched into each other’s hearts.

There is no such thing as a happy ending when it comes to these stories,
for in the story of friendship, there never should come an ending.


Best friends-
All of a sudden
They realized it was bound to happen sooner or later.
That’s when the story took a turn.
They had a disagreement, and witnessed a betrayal.
All their secrets were shared and all their tears were shed-
Yet they believed they would last forever.
They fought,
But they moved on.
That’s what their friendship was like-

. . . . .

Now, read the whole thing from the bottom to the top, line by line.

You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful, no matter what you do,
No matter how you feel, understand that it’s true
From the top of your head to the tip of your toes,
There’s only one thing that you should know:
You are beautiful.

You are beautiful because of your smile,
Your lips, your nose, the light inside your eyes
From the colour of your hair to the crookedness of your teeth,
There’s only one thing my eyes can see:
You are beautiful.

You are beautiful because of your height,
The tinge of rose on your cheeks is always so bright
From the strength in your heart to the courage in your bones,
There’s only one thing the world should know:
You are beautiful.

. . . . .

People are always talking about how beauty lies beneath the surface, but you know what? I think you’re breathtaking. No matter your cultural background, the colour of your hair, your figure or your skin tone. I think you are beautiful. It’s time you believed it too. 

The Last I Had You

The last I had you, I was in your arms,
Giddy with excitement, elated by your charms
We were both young, a full life ahead,
We thought we were forever, at least that’s what you said.

The last I had you, we were promised a tomorrow,
That had no room for distress, no room for sorrow
We sang through the day and danced through the night,
No imperfections; the world seemed just right.

That last I had you, I was your girl,
You were my everything, my only solace in the world
You made me feel special, that we were made to be,
We would work it out, or so we believed.

The last I had you, we were so caught up in the past,
We didn’t think of the future, never thought it’d be our last.


Don’t you dare tell me,
This is all my fault
That I’m cutting wounds,
That I’m adding salt
You’re the master of your misery,
The reason behind my tears
In this madness you dragged me into,
You’re the puppeteer

You’ve been playing with my emotions,
Toying with my fears
You’re saying I strung you along,
But you’re the puppeteer

Don’t you dare tell me,
I did all this to you
Did I feed words into your mouth?
What was it I forced you to do?
You hurt yourself to hurt me,
As the victim you appear
It’s time you told the truth,
Dear Puppeteer.

. . . . . .
I’m so sorry for not posting in so long! Thank you to all those still reading my blog. You really mean a lot to me, and I hope you liked this poem. 

Jump in the Puddles

This is a rather long poem, quite the opposite of my last one. Plus, I think I write about the rain a lot, but what can I say? It’s what I love the most. I hope you make it till the end. Leave a like and comment if you liked it!

The sun is out and there’s a bright blue sky,
The children are enjoying as the colourful kites fly
The clouds like cotton candy floating up above,
As the city is filled with laughter and love

When the first clap of thunder makes it’s way through the cheer,
All the kites are wound back and the smiles disappear
As the clouds are painted a darker hue of grey,
Lightning makes its way and gone are the sun rays

Trees starts to dance in the angry wind,
And the sky takes on a desolate tint
The leaves rustle and the crickets begin their song,
The kids run away, feeling their day has gone wrong

Hidden under umbrellas and behind closed doors,
The world fears the darkness more and more
The power runs out and the candles burn,
Enveloped in darkness as the water churns

Old ladies sit in their porches with a wistful look in their eyes,
Telling stories of their adventures back in their times
The housewives would be hurrying to get their garments back inside,
From where they’d all been hung on the narrow clothesline

Some would be walking through the crowded streets,
Hurrying to get home to their families
Not wanting to get drenched or muddy in the rain,
Under their umbrellas they trudged through the lanes

But on that dark night there was one child outside,
Jumping in the puddles as Gods above cried
Their tears her only solace, the darkness her only light,
She believed in no such thing as wrong or right

Even when the world chose to run or hide away,
She refused to accept in such a thing as a bad day
When in troubled times just sit back and relax,
Live in the moment and make best of what you have

Like on a piano there are black and white keys,
And a low and a high make a harmony
Every day has its joys and its troubles,
But why wait for a rainbow when you can jump in the puddles?

Battling the Guilt

Guilt is a fear that grips at your heart,

An insatiable occurrence that could tear you apart

Left or right, but you go straight,

To a path that screeches to a halt at fate

Wherever you drive the memory entails,

Two broken tires and the screeching rails

One choice, one word and the walls were built,

When most people faced the pang of guilt

One road, one turn and there was no looking back,

What was done was done, with the guilt intact.

Ring, Ring, Ring

Countless is the number of times I have wanted to dial your number and hear the ring, ring, ring of the phone until you picked up.

I wanted to hear your voice.
I wished I could see you one last time.
I longed for you to come back.

Countless is the number of times I have wanted to dial your number and hear the ring, ring, ring of the phone until you picked up.

But somewhere, deep down in my heart, I knew that even if I did pick up the phone and dial your number, it wouldn’t be your voice that I’d hear.

Just the ring, ring, ring forever.

~A Lonely Heart


Linking arms while laughing at the memories,
Frolicking in a meadow of roses
My head on your shoulder as we watch the sunset,
We’ll bury all that love discloses

Walking down the beach with the rise of dawn,
Catching my breath as we run and chase
Like kids we’d tease each other day by night,
Forgetting all the problems we’d faced

Spending after-hours at the bookstore downtown,
Leafing cover through cover all night
Raiding every shelf and stocking up on new reads,
Curled in the corner with a book held tight

Stargazing under a blanket of lights,
Together we’d dream of faraway lands
Wherever we went, we went together,
We faced life hand in hand

When you miss all those times when smiles etched our faces,
Just wait for a brighter day
For it won’t be long till I see you again,
In the stars our path will lay

Frolicking in a meadow of roses,
Please lay the scarlet flowers on my grave
My head on your shoulder as we watch the sunset,
The ghost of my memory will trail

When you spend after-hours at the bookstore downtown,
Finish the chapter we’d started
Never forget those special moments,
And don’t think of the time when we’d parted

Stargazing under a blanket of lights,
I’ll always keep an eye from up above
Together we’ll still dream of faraway lands,
We’ll be the stars forever, my love

When I say goodbye it won’t ever be the last,
I’ll see you again in a brighter place
When we fall apart for the very last time,
The pattern of our love, in the stars I’ll trace

Forever etched on in the milky way,
The shape of our memories intertwined
We’ll be the stars, what we have will never end,
The paths of our fate are aligned

Don’t spill tears on that black dress of yours,
The violet flowers will soon change colour
White veil, black suit, a happy ending,
You’ll soon find another lover

When we meet for the last time, look into my eyes,
Promise me that you won’t fail
For one move of mine you won’t let go of your life,
Don’t let go of your fairytale

When I let my hand slip and walk away,
Don’t chase after to change my mind
For I love you my one and only star,
But a purpose in my life I could not find.

~Last Words


A sprinkle of my soul,

A helping of my heart

A measure of my mind,

That is my art.

Meraki: To do something with soul, creativity and love; to put in a piece of you in your work. 

When I look At You

When I look at you, all I see is that love that lures me in each and every time. All I see are colours- shades of snow peaked mountains and scintillating sunrises. When I look at you, all I see is that smile that brightens me up like a sky full of stars. 
When I look at you, all I know is that I’d love you to Oblivion. 
When I look at you, my heart shatters into a million pieces. 
Because when I look at you, I realize I can never have you the way I want to.  
When I look at you, 
All I see is her in your arms.



Leaves rattling in the breeze,
The sky was painted hues of grey
Raindrops falling on our heads,
Our story began on that day

The scent of damp earth lingering in the air,
Your eyes locked into mine
Barely an inch apart,
Our fingers intertwined

You twirled me through the puddles,
My hair was soaking wet
You set down your umbrella,
So it was as magical as it could get

We were the only two people in the world,
Dancing in the moonlight
As raindrops fell to the ground,
You held me in your arms, tight

Now as I walk in the rain,
The memories fresh in my mind
I feel like I still see us,
Dancing with our fingers intertwined

I still feel your breath against my neck,
The spark inside your eyes
The toads beginning their song,
As our history rewinds

I used to love the rain,
Because it reminded me of you
Our dance through the puddles,
A star-filled sky blessed with the moon

But now when I walk,
Under the sky streaked with hues of grey
I like it because no one can see me,
Cry as I remember that day.

More to a Princess Than Glass Slippers

Beauty is a highly controversial topic in today’s world. Whether it be if an individual possesses society’s high definition of beauty or not, or even the argument about whether inner beauty or outer is the more important. I myself would be such a hypocrite if I said that I didn’t mentally keep note of the pretty faces around me, or feel insecure about myself when looking at someone who was defined as more beautiful. However, when it comes down to outer appearances, I must say that who we are inside is far more important. We must not be defined by the colour of our skin, the shape of our bodies or the nature of our hair. We must be defined by our words, our actions and our thoughts. Every one of us is beautiful in our own way. Here’s a poem I wrote on the same topic, but in the perspective of fairytale princesses. It’s a bit different from my usual poems, but I hope you like it!

Cinderella wanted to change herself to look better at the ball,
She thought that no one would notice her, until she had it all
Only a fancy dress and glass slippers would catch the prince’s eye,
If she’d shown up in rags and an old grey bonnet, she couldn’t even try

All Little Red was ever known for was her scarlet coloured hood,
Not for the bravery that she’d taken with her to the dark, cruel woods
Did anyone ever call her for the name she was born with? Did anyone even know?
If one didn’t care for appearance in all, would she still be known for her cloak?

Lips as red as a rose, hair as back as ebony, skin as white as snow,
If she hadn’t been titled ‘Fairest in the land’, how far would her story go?
There wouldn’t be a tale if the characters didn’t compete, on who was the prettiest of them all,
No seven dwarves or the forest creatures, if Snow White hadn’t looked like a doll

If Rapunzel didn’t have the most beautiful hair,
Do you think Mother Gothel would’ve even cared?
Would she have locked her high up in a tower,
If it weren’t for the magic golden flower?

If appearances weren’t deceptive, who knows what would change,
In these unique fairytales, if they were rearranged
If princesses weren’t known for their outer beauty,
But rather for their intelligence, bravery and duties
No one would remember them for who they were outside,
It’s their inner personalities that would outshine the lies

Mulan was known for bravery, Merida for independence
Belle was known for her unique mindset, Tiana for finding transcendence
Moana had vigour in mentality, no one could bring her down,
Elsa proved she didn’t need a man, no one could take away her crown
Ariel had a curious nature, she shouldn’t be known for her mermaid tail,
For there was so much depth in her personality, to appreciate we’ve already failed

There’s so much more to a pretty face that people must come to see,
That you must dig deeper to find the real you, there’s more to real beauty.


He For She

That boy you saw with tears in his eyes?
He was told that men don’t cry
His mother gave him a slap across his cheek,
Told him to toughen up like how a big boy should be

When a girl is born, her wings are clipped,
Her mouth is taped and her freedom strippedImage result for gender equality
Despite her protests, her desperate cries,
She is still unable to fly

Gender inequality is a problem in our world,
Why should a boy be any different from a girl?
It’s not an individual’s job to stand up for their rights,
Together as a race we must fight

A boy can be beaten, abused and mishandled,
It’s not only women’s rights that have been trampled
Expectations on men are higher if you compare,
Failing to meet them, they wouldn’t dare

A girl child is underestimated, not known for her power,
But one day she’ll prove herself and her gifts she’ll shower
No more will her intelligence and capability be undermined,
All through the land it’s her light that will shine

Gender inequality is a problem in our world,
Why should a boy be any different from a girl?
A woman can be strong, intelligent and brave,
And a man has the right to be afraid

One day the girl child will spread her wings and fly,
One day it won’t be a sin when a boy child cries.


//Comment to show your support for gender equality. Thank you for reading.//

Hush Little Baby

It’s a shame to lose another beautiful face in this world to depression. Here’s a story of a mother telling her daughter to be strong and to not succumb to the grief that paints itself over the colors in the world. Please comment your views and share if you liked it!

This nightmare won’t ever come to an end,
I’m slipping away, going ‘round the bend
The monsters coming alive, the spirits are chasing,
My mind is spinning and my heart is racing

Life isn’t worth it, it tears you apart,
It crushes you, breaks you, I don’t know where to start
I’m too numb to feel the pain, appalled by the thoughts,
Going through the times when it was worth getting fought

Every second revolves around how to stay sane,
To let go of madness, find a cure for the pain
But it gets harder and harder each and every time,
While your mind is screaming when you’re forced to smile

“Hush little baby, go to sleep,
Dream of the future, the seeds sown deep
Hold still and wait for that tree to grow,
Don’t cut it down before the green leaves show”

At one point the emotions are so strong that I,
Can’t even pull through to feel myself cry
I can’t put my head down and shut out the world,
I can’t be a brave-faced beautiful girl

I can’t lie down and let the nightmare fade away,
I can’t remain hoping for the feelings to escape
Each minute dwells on with a powerful blow,
That hits me harder than you’ll ever know

I can’t walk out looking like nothing ever occurred,
It can’t go living in this stone cold world
Getting crushed by the weight of the words around,
The assaults like bullets that fire to the ground

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word,
Dream of fantasies, not of all that’s occurred
Pretend you’re a princess with a mighty knight,
If you want to seek happiness, just turn on the light”

I know that this life will never again mend,
I want to hold a blade and put this misery on end
I want to swallow a few and drift away in silence,
Put an end to insanity and the mental violence

I want to feel the blood rush onto my palm,
Feel the power drain, feel the rush of calm
I can’t run off to a land far away,
I know the pain will linger, it’ll be here to stay

Taking a deep breath and holding it close to my skin,
Knowing that it’s over, after all the struggle’s been
Shutting out the voices that tell me otherwise,
Slamming out the screams and the silent cries

“Hush little baby, go to sleep,
It’ll be okay, just wait and see
Hold on, stay strong, you’ll make it out,
Stifle your screams and your panicked shouts

Hush little baby don’t give up,
Your skin isn’t paper so please don’t cut.”

Emotion Shopping

Here’s a different approach on the internal turmoil and ambivalence my mind is usually subjected to. Hope you like it!

Pick up some happiness from the dairy aisle,
And right beside it you’ll find the smiles
The greed’s sold out but sadness came in new,
Beauty is popular with people like you

Purchase your happiness, sell your fears,
Let go of emotions that seem unclear
Hunt for the right one to brighten up your day,
Stock up on the moods that will make it okay

Sass and arrogance have made the top charts,
While there’s no use for care, pleasure and big hearts
‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are commonly bought,
While ‘sorry’ and ‘excuse me’ have struggled and fought

You can pick up the disgust right off the third shelf,
If in need of support, just call for help
Three packets of depression will last for a week,
We’ll wrap up the secrets, they’re bound to leak

Bliss comes in bottles, right by the back,
Optimism is menial, while negativity comes in stacks
The teaspoons of luck are not too easy to come around,
Laughter and tears are not worth dollars or pounds

Purchase your emotions, sell all your fears,
I’ll be of assistance if you need me here
Buy one get two free is only for smiles,
Hunt for your happiness in all the right aisles.



I am a flower at the zenith of my sanity. Day by day, one petal wilts, falls and drops into the abyss that is my happiness, leaving me bare and insipid.


I am deemed worthless for there is no beauty left to patch up the emptiness underneath. I am caught up in a quandary of emotions- scattered all over like colourful leaves on a sombre Autumn day.

I am waiting; longing for the day when someone will finally take notice and pluck me out from my spot among the blades of grass, at last ending my misery.

I am a flower and all I ever wanted was to be watered. So when no one came, I watered myself. With my tears.


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