Something Blue

Get me red roses
On my wedding day
And litter their petals-
I used to say

A garden outside
A scenic view
A clear cloudless sky-
For my something blue

A cello quartet
Playing The Prelude
An esteemed pianist
Presenting an étude

A pearly white veil
Sweeping the floor
Like waves out at sea
Draping the shore

But now as I stood
In my living room
With a ring on my finger
And my eyes on the groom

There was no lovelier rose
Than the one in my heart
That bloomed every night
For my counterpart

Our little balcony
Had the greatest view
Overlooking the city
Where I grew

As the radio blared
We danced through the night
And nothing had ever
Felt so right

I didn’t need something borrowed
Or something blue
As long as I knew
My groom was you.


Her Love

She wished that she could give him all the stars in the galaxy, but she herself was only a speck of dust.

She wished that she could gift him a bouquet of the prettiest flowers in the world, but she herself was only a seed.

She wished that she could sing him every lullaby in the world, but she herself was only a beat.

She wished that she could paint him with every shade of happiness she could find, but she herself was composed of only blacks and greys.

She wished that she could buy him everything he desired, but she herself was only a single mother struggling to find her place in the world.

She wished that her love was enough.
What she didn’t know was that to her little boy, her love was all-encompassing and wondrous, like all the stars in the galaxy put together.

Her love lured him in and made him blossom, like every flower grazing the earth.

Her love whispered in his ears and gave him sweet dreams as he blissfully slept, like every lullaby in the world.

Her love painted him in every hue of happiness in existence.

Her love was enough for him.
Enough, and so much more.

Traffic Light

Listening to the radio,
In our worn out car
Hands intertwined,
Gazing at the stars
As the traffic lights changed,
We did too
They brought to life the story,
Of me and you.

We met at green,
Reckless and free
The world was our oyster,
For every lock we had the key
We sped through love,
We defeated time
But at the next signal,
We stopped for our crimes.

At red we fought,
Till our lungs wore out
Drenched were our eyes,
Poisoned were our shouts
We went too fast,
So we paid the price
To decide our fate,
We rolled the dice.

We slowed down for a while,
When the yellow colour flashed
We regretted all the strife,
We gained from when we dashed
We took one step at a time,
Slow and steady
To win the conquest of love,
We were ready.

When we made it to the next signal,
We were tired of the wait
We knew it was up to us,
And not up to fate
We wanted to drown in deep,
Over heels for one another
We didn’t care about the price,
We’d pay it together.

Listening to the radio,
In our worn out car
We stayed in the moment,
We didn’t think too far
When the lights changed,
We saw red
But sharing a smile,
We sped ahead.


Holding onto every second,
As if I’m struggling for a breath.

Dreading the day the end will come,
As if I’m waiting for death.

Taking notice of every little thing,
As if I’m a detective looking for clues.

Smiling as much as possible now,
As of readying myself for the blues.

Storing away every memory,
As if I’m chaining you to my mind.

Cherishing every moment with you,
As if you were the best thing I could find.

Giving you little pieces of me,
As if I need balance, gram by gram.

Loving you like I’m going to lose you,
Because scared is what I am.

It’s not the future I’m scared of. It’s a repeat of the past.

Make My Day

If you say even a word,
A smile would graze my lips
Excitement travels down,
My toes to my fingertips.

Your presence colours my skies,
And brings radiance to my face
Every time you look at me,
My pain and sorrows erase.

Your laugh has no match,
I could go days listening to that sound
I feel at bliss when I’m around you,
A home I’ve at last found.

The butterflies died long ago,
After months of heartbreak and gloom
But you planted a garden inside of me,
When my love for had bloomed.

I know you can’t return the feelings,
You don’t think of me that way
But even one word from you,
Continues to make my day.



There once was a girl,
With a fiery soul
A gentle heart,
And a voice so bold
Her beauty was praised,
Throughout the land
And every young lad,
Wished for her hand.

Suitor after suitor,
Came riding by
They stared at her,
Desire in their eyes
From princes to paupers,
All lined up to impress
One question was all she asked them,
Not more, not less.

“Describe my beauty,”
Was all she said
And the suitors all answered,
From the top of their heads
“Hair like husked corn,
Clear blue eyes,
And porcelain skin,”said Sir Kyle.

“Hair like ebony!”
Protested another man
“Lips red like a rose,
The fairest in the land.”
Several others tried,
Saying what they could see
For they all say in her,
Their definitions of beauty.

One saw a smile,
That brought joy to his life
In her face one saw kindness,
Another saw his wife
Days had passed,
But to her dismay
None of her suitors said,
What she hoped they would say.

The girl began losing faith,
And all her adherence
For not one of her many suitors,
Had described her true appearance
She wasn’t beautiful after all,
Or so she began to fear
When at last one came along,
To tell her how she appeared

There was one who found her beautiful,
It all became crystal clear
For as she stared at her reflection,
Her insecurities disappeared.

In a world where you represent everyone else’s definition of beauty, you are bound to forget yourself. You are bound to succumb to the wants of everyone around you. But you don’t need to change yourself for anybody. Self love is something that isn’t given enough importance, and I want to change that. Dear readers, you are beautiful. You are worth it. Love yourself.




The Reason For Seasons

You are Summer,
You spread happiness all around
With your effervescent nature,
You go out of bounds

Frolicking in a meadow of daisies,
You dance to your own beat
But you wait and watch till everyone’s happy,
And you’ll always be on your feet

Then there’s Spring who’s always a princess,
She’s strong and fearless, but sweet
You can see her cry in the hardest of times,
But she’ll never bow down in defeat

She’s got the delicate petals of a rose,
Which can always melt your heart
But when you least expect she’ll expose her thorns,
And she’ll tear your world apart

Next there’s Autumn with her sensible nature,
She’s intelligent beyond compare
She’ll outsmart you in any battle,
But in arguments she has no flair

She strikes you as the immature one,
Who only follows commands
She appears to be the timid one in the group,
But we’ll end up listening to her demands

Following her is Monsoon with her showers,
She brings despair is what they say
She can blow you over with her theatrical nature,
She can mold emotions from a splatter of clay

She can bring together the world under her blankets of tears,
Hand in hand we would stay
But then again she’s the magician behind rainbows,
She can pave way for a brighter day

At the end of the year comes Winter,
The coldest yet most festive days
She can move mountains with her formidable nature,
Yet her loving will stay displayed

She has the power to rule you over,
Change your opinion from scratch
Yet she’ll still show you how much she loves you,
Her warm hugs with hot cocoa can’t match

No season can last without the other,
They are a group of opposites who’ll last,
They make the year have its ups and downs,
On the world, their spells are cast

There is a reason they’d been put together,
To rub off their best qualities on each other
They are made to be united, to think as one,
They know they are better together.

. . . .
Every group of friends is like the seasons. Everyone has a part to play. It won’t be the same with even one person missing. Which season are you?

Dear You

Dear Sister,
You were always the one to brighten my days and bring a smile on my face. I could tell you just about anything without the fear of judgement and you’d do the same with me. My interests became yours and your friends became mine. We learnt to love everything about each other.
What made us stop?

Dear Best Friend, 
I could depend on you to help me during a mental breakdown and you could turn to me for advice even in the silent hours of the night. You were my walking diary, my unpaid therapist and my number one supporter. You were there to cheer me on even when I was at my lowest.
When did that end?

Dear Friend,
Somewhere along the way, my lows became normality and my happiness, nonexistent. My breakdowns lasted an eternity and my weakpoints outweighed my strong ones.
The balance was broken and depression threatened to vanquish my existence. I believed it when you told me that you’d always be there, but where were you when I really needed you?
Just like my happiness, did you disappear owing to my instability?
Slowly, as time and silence built a wall between us, I started to accept our fate.
Eventually, I added bricks to it, out of betrayal and grief.
Where did you go?

Dear Stranger,
We now pretend like we were nothing but acquaintances from the very start. You only need me as a source of entertainment. When I’m exuberant, you stay around. When I’m in pain, I’m exiled.
What I really want is for you to inquire; to ooze out every last detail and make me feel like you truly loved me and that our friendship wasn’t a fantasy my mind had conjured.
Prove to me that that unconditional support, stability and serendipity was a reality.
Prove to me that that girl I knew is still out there, so that we can embark upon the journey from strangers to sisters once again.

Half a Heart.


A craving so deep for something you barely know
Can only show how intrigued you are so

The questions tumbling out, one by one,
With each growing longer, the list’ll never be done

Everything about it ignites a spark of interest,
Which spreads far and wide, your knowledge put to the test

Every detail, every stroke of the artist’s brush
Every colour, every shade causing an energy rush

A craving so deep, so well hidden
A craving so strong for something forbidden.

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