Queen of Hearts

You say I’ve gone mad, you say I’m just rage
You think I’m just lonely, trapped up in this cage
You think I’m a goner, I’ll loose my battle soon,
You’ll bid goodbye as I fly to my doom
You say I’m mad, you say I’m crazy,
You think I’m all anger as the memories are hazy
You claim you’re my saviour, my knight in shining armour,
But all you proved to be was a reckless charmer
I didn’t fall in rabbit holes just for fun,
My battle’s not over, my story’s just begun
You say I’ve gone bonkers, you say I’m just rage,
But that’s​ the mad hatter, turn the page
I once had a heart, then had it broken,
Over and over till I’d finally awoken
Love wasn’t my game and you weren’t going to play,
My heartstrings as they continually break
I once had a mind, a clean slate,
I once had thicker skin, I wasn’t afraid
I once had a soul as bright as the dawn,
I once had a heart but now it’s long gone.



I don’t want to talk,
I just want this to end
After all that’s happened,
I need a real friend

Not someone who hurts,
Who threatens, who hates
I don’t want to be a part-
Of all the drama you create

You turned my friends into foes,
You made my world a living hell
You say I ruined everything,
Does that ring a bell?

You made my shred of self esteem,
Turn to dust
You made my armour,
Weaken and rust

That’s what I meant by toxic,
Now do you understand?
When I was at my weakest,
I just needed a hand

So don’t go telling everyone,
That I am weak and broken
For after what you did,
My inner demons have awoken

Perhaps I was always cracked,
Not at the surface, but inside,
And now that you’ve exposed me,
I have nowhere left to hide

But was I the one who succumbed?
Was I the one to pass the blame?
I accept I made mistakes,
But for those should I be shamed?

We all have a list of sins,
Written against our names
But one thing I know for sure,
Is that I don’t play your dangerous games

So let me make this clear,
I just want this to end
For after everything that’s happened,
All I need is a friend.

When You Were With Me

You hurt me when you were with me,
But you hurt me more when you left.
You stole my heart and my self worth,
You should be arrested for theft.

You hurt me when you were with me,
But what hurt more is what you said.
Can you tell me why you did it?
What was going on in your head?

You hurt me when you were with me,
By saying this love was one-sided.
If it was so one-sided, Darling,
Tell me how our fates collided.

You hurt me when you were with me,
By saying I didn’t love you back.
Tell that to my broken heart,
The happiness I now lack.

You hurt me when you were with me,
Now I’m obsolete.
If you loved me so much, tell me:
Why did you cheat?


You hate, I love.
Dear, are we done?
Had we-
What is madness?
Madness is what we we had,
Done we are.
Dear Love,
I hate you.

Here’s another palindrome poem. Hope you liked it!


Don’t you dare tell me,
This is all my fault
That I’m cutting wounds,
That I’m adding salt
You’re the master of your misery,
The reason behind my tears
In this madness you dragged me into,
You’re the puppeteer

You’ve been playing with my emotions,
Toying with my fears
You’re saying I strung you along,
But you’re the puppeteer

Don’t you dare tell me,
I did all this to you
Did I feed words into your mouth?
What was it I forced you to do?
You hurt yourself to hurt me,
As the victim you appear
It’s time you told the truth,
Dear Puppeteer.

. . . . . .
I’m so sorry for not posting in so long! Thank you to all those still reading my blog. You really mean a lot to me, and I hope you liked this poem. 

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