When the apple fell,
Newton discovered gravity
It’s only when we’re pulled down,
That we realise our vitality

When the leaves fall,
Change is in the air
The sombre shades will transform,
The trees won’t stay bare

When snowflakes fall,
Celebration hits the streets
Love swells in hearts,
Sorrow retreats

When eyelids fall,
Peace fills the soul
Thoughts are tucked away,
As slumber takes its toll

When the sun falls,
The moon takes its place
Stars twinkle from up above,
As dreams are chased

When petals fall,
The truth will appear
Whether he truly loves her,
Will at last be clear

When teardrops fall,
We must know its not the end
We get stronger and stronger,
As we fall again.


Never Too Old To Believe

Santa Claus is real, no matter what people say,

I believe in Leprechauns, come what may

The tooth fairy comes every time I loose a tooth,

Orpheus ever playing his magical lute

Unicorns, pegasi, goblins and mermaids

Brave knights of medieval kingdoms never seem afraid

The Easter bunny arriving with his multi-coloured eggs

Pirates of Neverland with their patches and peg-legs

I have a wild imagination and wandering thoughts

Like a battle of colour, inside my head is fought

Other people wouldn’t understand- they think they’re all just stories,

That they’re too old for magic, much done with glory

If that’s the case then I’ll never grow up

Believing and dreaming I’ll never stop

If crazy’s what they call me then so it shall be

Because I’m not changing for anyone, I’ll always be me.

The Hunt For Happiness

It isn’t easy to convince yourself,
At the break of dawn
That all the darkness in your mind,
Must be gone.

The battle of depression,
Is almost the same-
As the hunt for happiness.
You have the same aim.

Sometimes you lose yourself,
Madness is mixed with mirth
In the pursuit of exuberance,
Pride’s confused with self worth.

The struggle is indescribable,
Your strength is put to the test
Pain is inevitable,
And you’re unintentionally stressed.

The hunt for happiness isn’t simple,
It’s not an elementary task
To truly feel light at heart,
Is harder than putting on a mask

To fight the battle of depression,
Is already an enormous deal
But what’s even more commendable,
Is wearing a smile that’s real.

. . . . . .

Fighting depression is no easy task on its own, but you know what makes it worth it in the end? 
True happiness. 
Real laughter. 
A genuine smile.

Hiding away how you truly feel and masking your grief behind eloquently crafted poetry isn’t going to make your pain any less real. You’ve got to face what life throws at you and tell yourself it’s not enough to bring you down.

Life’s only throwing you obstacles because it knows you’re strong enough to jump over them. Don’t prove it wrong.

You are beautiful. Whoever you are, wherever you are. Don’t give up on life, because it’s definitely not giving up on you.


Mother’s hand was the first I ever held,
Her fingers were my only flicker of hope
Looking into her eyes and seeing that smile,
The world was a Kaleidoscope

My rabbit hole to Wonderland,
She helped me find an escape
Always the one to get me back on my feet,
Around her I always felt safe

She listened to my troubles and taught me to stay happy,
She helped me make new friends
She was always the one to bring me back to focus,
She was there to help me make amends

She taught me how to make my very first snow angel,
And my favourite origami cranes
She was there to witness my first day at school,
She helped me believe I was sane

I love her with everything that I have,
I’ll always keep her close
All the things she’s done for me throughout the years,
Mother’s Day isn’t enough to show

While Mother was Alice, Dad was the Mad Hatter,
Teaching me all there is to know
About flying a kite and riding a bike,
And how to play ball throw

He’d throw me up into the sky,
To the birds I’d say hello
And with the perfect catch I’ll be back in his arms,
Up again in 3,2,1 Go!

He was always the one who led me to adventure,
Making the darkness seem bright
Going horseback riding and camping in the woods,
The best were our food fights

Letting me tie his tie for work,
Hoisting me up on his shoulders
When he was around I was on top of the world,
He taught me how to be bolder

Father was the one who made me strong today,
He helped me face my fears
Even if that meant ordering my own food at McDonald’s,
I knew he’d always be here

Then came along my little bother,
Fighting was our one and only pass time
I love how we mastered the art of videogames,
Together we were partners in crime

When we decided to be nice we’d share the blame,
When one of us broke a vase
While playing hide and seek all around the house,
Mom’s punishments together we’d face

He’d let me dress him up in my fancy dresses,
And I’d gladly pour him some tea
But the next day it’d be my turn to play with his Nerf guns,
Not to forget his favourite Hot Wheels

Sometimes we’d have our sleepovers,
When he’d come to sleep in my room
The whole night we’d be laughing at old memories,
And all our dreams come true

He was my built in best friend all along,
Without him there’s no telling what I’d do

They’ve been there through everything and witnessed me break,
They’ll always be my family
No matter how much I trip on my own feet,
They’ll always love me for me.

Jump in the Puddles

This is a rather long poem, quite the opposite of my last one. Plus, I think I write about the rain a lot, but what can I say? It’s what I love the most. I hope you make it till the end. Leave a like and comment if you liked it!

The sun is out and there’s a bright blue sky,
The children are enjoying as the colourful kites fly
The clouds like cotton candy floating up above,
As the city is filled with laughter and love

When the first clap of thunder makes it’s way through the cheer,
All the kites are wound back and the smiles disappear
As the clouds are painted a darker hue of grey,
Lightning makes its way and gone are the sun rays

Trees starts to dance in the angry wind,
And the sky takes on a desolate tint
The leaves rustle and the crickets begin their song,
The kids run away, feeling their day has gone wrong

Hidden under umbrellas and behind closed doors,
The world fears the darkness more and more
The power runs out and the candles burn,
Enveloped in darkness as the water churns

Old ladies sit in their porches with a wistful look in their eyes,
Telling stories of their adventures back in their times
The housewives would be hurrying to get their garments back inside,
From where they’d all been hung on the narrow clothesline

Some would be walking through the crowded streets,
Hurrying to get home to their families
Not wanting to get drenched or muddy in the rain,
Under their umbrellas they trudged through the lanes

But on that dark night there was one child outside,
Jumping in the puddles as Gods above cried
Their tears her only solace, the darkness her only light,
She believed in no such thing as wrong or right

Even when the world chose to run or hide away,
She refused to accept in such a thing as a bad day
When in troubled times just sit back and relax,
Live in the moment and make best of what you have

Like on a piano there are black and white keys,
And a low and a high make a harmony
Every day has its joys and its troubles,
But why wait for a rainbow when you can jump in the puddles?


A sprinkle of my soul,

A helping of my heart

A measure of my mind,

That is my art.

Meraki: To do something with soul, creativity and love; to put in a piece of you in your work. 

Emotion Shopping

Here’s a different approach on the internal turmoil and ambivalence my mind is usually subjected to. Hope you like it!

Pick up some happiness from the dairy aisle,
And right beside it you’ll find the smiles
The greed’s sold out but sadness came in new,
Beauty is popular with people like you

Purchase your happiness, sell your fears,
Let go of emotions that seem unclear
Hunt for the right one to brighten up your day,
Stock up on the moods that will make it okay

Sass and arrogance have made the top charts,
While there’s no use for care, pleasure and big hearts
‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are commonly bought,
While ‘sorry’ and ‘excuse me’ have struggled and fought

You can pick up the disgust right off the third shelf,
If in need of support, just call for help
Three packets of depression will last for a week,
We’ll wrap up the secrets, they’re bound to leak

Bliss comes in bottles, right by the back,
Optimism is menial, while negativity comes in stacks
The teaspoons of luck are not too easy to come around,
Laughter and tears are not worth dollars or pounds

Purchase your emotions, sell all your fears,
I’ll be of assistance if you need me here
Buy one get two free is only for smiles,
Hunt for your happiness in all the right aisles.


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