We tell people they should be beautiful, but judge them when they wear makeup. We tell people to be nice, but laugh along with the bully. We tell people to be confident, but mistake their security with overconfidence. Why are we so hypocritical? Why can’t we live in a judgment-free society?

You paint your face with makeup because it makes you feel strong-
How can anyone judge you and make you feel like you’ve done wrong?

You throw on a nice façade because it conceals your inner heartbreak-
How can anyone try to label you as someone who is fake?

You elude confidence and always speak your mind-
How can anyone tell you that you’re anything less than kind?

You stick to your decisions, your mentality is firm-
How can anyone tell you that all you are is stubborn?

We’re all nothing but hypocrites, making life harder for ourselves-
When will we look past our differences and what’s on the outer shell?

We expect to see beauty around us, but makeup is a bane-
We encourage kindness, but don’t believe we’re all the same

We tell people to be confident, but bad mouth the ones who are-
We ourselves are the ones suffering, caged behind bars

We tell people to be different, to accept that there is change-
Yet we’re also the ones that stare at them and think that they are strange

We say we believe in equality and we criticize all the wrong-
Yet we’re also the ones brining down those who were once strong

We’re the ones holding the key, as well as the ones who are caged-
It’s not only our actions, but our mindsets that must be changed.


Washing Machine

Like the clothes in a running washing machine,

Swirl the thoughts of a slightly psychotic teen

When it’s time to throw in the load, the spirits are high,

But when the switch is turned on, that’s when you hear the cries

Going round and round in circles, the ambivalence is strong,

Torn between the options, the list of choices long

Pop in the suds and the litres of soap,

You’re suspended in midair on a tightrope

The emotions getting cleansed, preparing for the brainwash,

The clothes spinning in circles, the torment won’t stop

Entering in anguish and walking out squeaky clean,

Spinning around in circles in the washing machine

The immediate thoughts repeating over and over again,

Finally they click to place and the ambivalence ends

The puzzle piece was placed and you found the lost treasure,

All because you put in extra soap for good measure

Like the clothes in a running washing machine,

There swirl the thoughts of a slightly psychotic teen.

. . . .

My life is like a washing machine. I walk into the open door with a big grin on my face and as soon as the load gets dumped in, that’s when my life goes around in circles. Add some soap for good measure, and there I am, trying to survive the tidal waves of my thoughts. But once the trauma is over, I am drenched in tranquility. I have clarity. But it won’t be long before the next laundry basket makes its way into sending my life spiraling once again. 

The Reason For Seasons

You are Summer,
You spread happiness all around
With your effervescent nature,
You go out of bounds

Frolicking in a meadow of daisies,
You dance to your own beat
But you wait and watch till everyone’s happy,
And you’ll always be on your feet

Then there’s Spring who’s always a princess,
She’s strong and fearless, but sweet
You can see her cry in the hardest of times,
But she’ll never bow down in defeat

She’s got the delicate petals of a rose,
Which can always melt your heart
But when you least expect she’ll expose her thorns,
And she’ll tear your world apart

Next there’s Autumn with her sensible nature,
She’s intelligent beyond compare
She’ll outsmart you in any battle,
But in arguments she has no flair

She strikes you as the immature one,
Who only follows commands
She appears to be the timid one in the group,
But we’ll end up listening to her demands

Following her is Monsoon with her showers,
She brings despair is what they say
She can blow you over with her theatrical nature,
She can mold emotions from a splatter of clay

She can bring together the world under her blankets of tears,
Hand in hand we would stay
But then again she’s the magician behind rainbows,
She can pave way for a brighter day

At the end of the year comes Winter,
The coldest yet most festive days
She can move mountains with her formidable nature,
Yet her loving will stay displayed

She has the power to rule you over,
Change your opinion from scratch
Yet she’ll still show you how much she loves you,
Her warm hugs with hot cocoa can’t match

No season can last without the other,
They are a group of opposites who’ll last,
They make the year have its ups and downs,
On the world, their spells are cast

There is a reason they’d been put together,
To rub off their best qualities on each other
They are made to be united, to think as one,
They know they are better together.

. . . .
Every group of friends is like the seasons. Everyone has a part to play. It won’t be the same with even one person missing. Which season are you?

Never Too Old To Believe

Santa Claus is real, no matter what people say,

I believe in Leprechauns, come what may

The tooth fairy comes every time I loose a tooth,

Orpheus ever playing his magical lute

Unicorns, pegasi, goblins and mermaids

Brave knights of medieval kingdoms never seem afraid

The Easter bunny arriving with his multi-coloured eggs

Pirates of Neverland with their patches and peg-legs

I have a wild imagination and wandering thoughts

Like a battle of colour, inside my head is fought

Other people wouldn’t understand- they think they’re all just stories,

That they’re too old for magic, much done with glory

If that’s the case then I’ll never grow up

Believing and dreaming I’ll never stop

If crazy’s what they call me then so it shall be

Because I’m not changing for anyone, I’ll always be me.


Why does every princess need to have a prince,
I used to think the very same, but now I’m not convinced
I don’t need a boy to help me keep my spirits high,
I’ll do much better without the drama, without the desperate cries

Why does every queen need a king to have the power,
I don’t need the chocolates or the pretty flowers
I don’t need someone by me every minute of the day,
I don’t want to commit myself to someone who won’t stay

Why does every ending have to resemble a fairytale,
I don’t need the big bouquets or the snow white veil
I don’t want to see myself in someone else’s shadow,
I think I am capable of sailing my own boat

Why does every girl dream of finding the perfect one,
Why does my life have to revolve around love
I don’t want to be the girl who lives her life to impress
Forever I’ll be my own person, I don’t need a white dress

I don’t believe that love is the key to finding ultimate bliss,
I don’t need a man to be happy, I’m good being called ‘miss’
I don’t need your flattery or your diamond ring,
I think this queen is strong enough to rule without a king.


The answer is violence.

There will never come a time when-

You are truly loved

You are honestly appreciated

Your existence is valued

It’s time you understood-

That action ignites change

We are under the false impression

That words can make a difference

We must know

How to stand up


How to speak up

We must know

How to fight


How to write

We must know.

• • •
Now read it from bottom to top 🙂


Leave your hair open, that lipstick shade will do,
Wing your eyeliner and your dress must be new
Don’t forget the blush, just a dash of rose red,
Earrings should be dangling, at least that’s what they said

Give a wide smile, but make sure not too wide,
Throw one leg over the other and keep your hands by your side
Stand over there where the lighting is great,
Tilt your head to the side and keep your back straight

Get those glasses off and that foundation touched up,
That’s when I knew that I’d had enough
It was time my thoughts were finally spoken,
After all, in the end, every doll gets broken

I was done pretending to be someone I surely was not,
I wasn’t going to sit still, it was time I fought
I grabbed ahold of my curls and tied them right back,
Rubbed the lipstick all off with my trembling hands

Smudged the eyeliner and poured the blush on my dress,
Ultimately creating what you would call a mess
When I was sure I had managed to let all hell loose,
I simply walked away from the hisses and the boos

When I could finally turn around and let out a light laugh,
That’s when the camera had finally snapped.

Blind Eye to Stereotypes

If I’m a blonde I must be dumb,
I’m always at parties, just having fun
I get special attention from people I don’t know,
But as they stay longer, my true colours I’ll show

If I’m a raven, I’m mysterious and dark,
I’m gloomy and secretive, not a fiery spark
I’m strong and fearless, you must be scared,
To even approach me, people wouldn’t dare

If I’m a redhead I’m aggressive and crazy,
Extremely unique but just as lazy
I’m not always the brightest, but clever as a fox,
I’m an extrovert who thinks out of the box

If I’m a brunette I must be nice,
A sophisticated darling without any spice
I do what I’m told and I’m smarter than the rest,
I’m charming and pretty, yet I pass every test

Well what if I’m a Violette, a purple-headed freak,
Will people call me a minion or an attention-seeking geek?
When will this world ever stop assessing a face,
Searching for a flaw, your scars they will trace
My hair is my hair and it’s not going to change,
Even if the world continues to call it strange

I’ll be who I am and not trust stereotypes,
For classifying people based on looks isn’t right
Just because you’re blonde doesn’t mean you’re Regina George,
And just because you’re a redhead, trouble won’t forge
Just because you’re a raven it doesn’t mean you want a fight,
Brunettes aren’t always innocent, they aren’t always right

I can be who I want to be without society defining me,
I don’t have to blindly follow their statements on beauty
Forget about the stereotypes, forget about the world,
I can still be beautiful and stay the same old girl.

Queen of Hearts

You say I’ve gone mad, you say I’m just rage
You think I’m just lonely, trapped up in this cage
You think I’m a goner, I’ll loose my battle soon,
You’ll bid goodbye as I fly to my doom
You say I’m mad, you say I’m crazy,
You think I’m all anger as the memories are hazy
You claim you’re my saviour, my knight in shining armour,
But all you proved to be was a reckless charmer
I didn’t fall in rabbit holes just for fun,
My battle’s not over, my story’s just begun
You say I’ve gone bonkers, you say I’m just rage,
But that’s​ the mad hatter, turn the page
I once had a heart, then had it broken,
Over and over till I’d finally awoken
Love wasn’t my game and you weren’t going to play,
My heartstrings as they continually break
I once had a mind, a clean slate,
I once had thicker skin, I wasn’t afraid
I once had a soul as bright as the dawn,
I once had a heart but now it’s long gone.

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